Today I Begin to Blog.

I’m beginning a journey of the unknown, and honestly if feels a lot like nerves of panic, mixed with scary, and a little bit of excitement. I’m not one to talk a lot to people because frankly I feel a little uneasy around them, but sometimes I have some really good information to share. So I’ll try my best to do just that with as much consistency as one should allow themselves. I’ll touch a lot on Styling your wardrobe, Sewing new and old items of clothing/fabric together, Make-up that I like, touch a little on Interior Design or just Crafts around the house, what I like to Eat/Cook with my family, some of Workouts that we do, and our other extra curricular activities.

Sound like a lot… IT IS! I assure you that I WILL DO MY BEST to make it as smooth as I could possibly think of for all of our enjoyment. And I HOPE that whomever may stop by this page do just that. Come and learn, laugh, and enjoy. Thanks for your time!

<3 Comments are Welcomed & Appreciated :-)

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