So Difficult, WHY?????

Good morning, afternoon, evening, to all this may concern!

Of all the things in the world I decide to blog. Did I think it was going to be quite simple? OF COURSE, I did. One question I’d ask myself is, why would I pay for someone to give me a template when they come for free on WordPress? It can’t be that difficult, I’d say to myself & husband. Uh, yes it is, and it doesn’t help that I have yet to talk to a human being to help me on WordPress! Because I’m having one problem after the next. Believe me these Internet, Computer, Software genies know it. 😦 That’s why they have their businesses, smart move IT person, smart move!

All I’m trying to do is get some Fashion Styling pictures uploaded in a beautiful layout. Is that too much to ask? Uh, yes it is because I’m also learning how to use a quality camera, and to take photos of other Awesome stuff along the way. Therefore between learning how to successfully customize a page, figure out what a widget is, uploading a ridiculous header, reading/learning about apertures, f-stops, ISOs, and proper focus. I’m too through!!! PLEASE, don’t forget that I still have my children running through the house fighting over a box full of letters, my husband installing a new toilet, we still need to workout, and think about what’s for dinner. With all of that said, I WILL NOT let these minor setbacks get in my way. I will figure out as much as I POSSIBLY can to give you all a beautiful, quality page, that will make me so happy in the end.

Wish me the best!

<3 Comments are Welcomed & Appreciated :-)

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