The Oscars 2015

As we all know, because the media makes sure that we’ve known for the last month. The Oscars were going to be coming on Sunday, February 22, 2015. The time slot is basically all day, and then for the rest of the week. Hopefully we’ll only hear about it until Tuesday, February 23, 2015, but that’s highly unlikely.

Right now I’m sure some of you may be thinking, but don’t you LOVE fashion & style? Isn’t that what The Oscars are all about? Who wore what, what designer dressed the most “Stars”, what color was on trend, how beautiful it was draped, or even how immaculately tailored he/she was? Well believe it or not, YES I do love fashion & style, but that is not what The Oscars are really about! The night should be given fairly to the writers, directors, producers, actors, and actresses that worked really hard to give us quality entertainment. (Not all quality entertainment is sometimes acknowledged ie. ‘The Lego Movie’, but I refuse to get into that right now.) LOL. The few quality pictures that are released, because in my humblest opinion the majority of entertainment today “SUCKS”. Oh, of course if you are dressed to the “NINES”, and feel like a million bucks it just makes the night that much better!! Although, they want to WIN an award, to be recognized for their hard work, their lack of sleep, having to be away from their family, friends, pets, and so forth. They want an Oscar!

Imagine the effect that “The Red Carpet” would have if all of the cameras, fans, reporters, the dresses, the suits, the accessories, and hoopla were to take place afterwards. Picture the glow that the winners would radiate from their faces after winning an award. The slight disdain inside, but still sincere deep love & happiness for their fellow colleagues from the actors & actresses who didn’t win. How powerful would that be? I would look at their attire in a whole new light. That’s just me….

Now back to fashion. Can I say who I think looked awesome, why yes, yes I can, but I’ll leave that for my other fashion bloggers. What I will say about The Oscars’ fashion & style is that it’s another interesting night. You have actors & actresses who are in their Cinderella moment(s). What they decide/choose to wear is their choice. Who are we to say he/she didn’t do a good job. How you feel inside, the people you have around are often how you express yourself through your outfit choices. Choose wisely!!! Questions to ask oneself before making an outfit decision as a public figure or anyone honestly are, does it flatter your body correctly, is it Age Appropriate, how does the color accentuate your skin tone, eye color, can you walk/move comfortably in the clothing, are you too made up or do you still look slightly natural? You don’t have to be uncomfortable in order to look great. Cinderella didn’t look she was in a rush to get off of the ballroom floor, you shouldn’t either!

So a congratulations goes out to all of the winners of an Oscar last night, everyone that felt comfortable, felt amazing, showed up, but didn’t show off, and enjoyed life no matter what the outcome of the night. You are all the real MVP’s. 🙂

P.S. I didn’t watch the show last night, but I get the gist of what happens at an award ceremony. I’ve seen a fair share, and my kids are not having that on our television all night. 🙂 All my thoughts and opinions are solely mine and have nothing to do with WordPress. Hahaha!


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