Unexpected Surprise

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to all who may read my thoughts, facts, and opinions!! How are you all?

I have a little trivia question for you. Can anyone tell me what the Q, the V, and the C, stand for in the brand network QVC?

Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting QVC in West Chester, PA. And let me tell you it was something awesome.

IMG_0261I’ll begin with the décor of this establishment. No expense was spared when they built/remodeled/renovated the building. It was truly warm, inviting, exciting, and most importantly (to me anyway), it was very friendly. From the colors choices/palettes, to their layouts, and over to their state of the art technology, it really showed how far they have come to where they are going next. I wasn’t expecting it to be sooo modern, yet for all the things that I learned they do on site, I wouldn’t expect any less!

If by any chance you’re anything like me you probably thought oh, QVC is the channel that sells jewelry and mature women’s clothing. That’s about it, well YOU’RE WRONG, as was I. They sell everything under the kitchen sink, behind the garage door, and more! It was an unexpected surprise to me how much they sold, and also how organized they are with their company. No stone is left unturned.

You see people/children of a certain age (like myself), go shopping for everything at the mall, second-hand stores, and mostly because it’s convenient, online. Television shopping is a thing of the past, right? Uh, yes and no! Not only does QVC sell a plethora of items via the TV in America, Italy, China, the UK, Japan, Germany, and a few other countries, they also have an online shopping network connected to the their television broadcasting network. Which by the way is almost all on site. This company is the real deal.

IMG_0254This also seems like a great time to let you know that the Q stands for Quality.  A word that doesn’t seem to just be there for the fun of it. They test EVERYTHING!!! Even the host before they get to broadcast live on the air. Which the host will do for 364 days out of the year. They rotate, of course! The only pre-taped show is the Christmas show.  All of the items sold on any of the live shows must meet QVC’s standards of quality before they will even let you sell one item on their IMG_0253network/website. You go through an application process, interview, and any other bells & whistle they need. The great thing is that they are always looking for some new, fresh, innovative, and exciting new products. And if you happen to fail to meet their standards of quality the first time around, but listen to their feedback, and make the appropriate adjustments with your product. QVC will get you a second chance to show/interview for their network. And products placed on QVC’s platform have a reputation of sending your sales through the roof! Just be sure that you’re ready for what they are expecting from you as the distributor because they value their customers.  At least that’s what I got out of the tour!

This seems like another good time to let you know that the V stands for Value. Since that tour was so valuable! Our tour guide Mrs. Susie was amazing! She knew everything about the company, the business, the production, the sets, as well as the employees. I’m sure that she has some type of stock in this company because it all seemed quite natural, very sincere, and still easy peezy.  Mrs. Susie was truly a pleasure and I thank her for that.  🙂 Here she is telling us a brief story about some of the older reward tactics QVC used in order to stay on top of all of the competition back in the day, and also keep their consistent, loyal customers happy with discounts or coupons.

IMG_0270Overall, I had a very informative day that made me consider taking some time out of my day to see what QVC is selling online. Which is convenient for me, and also brings me to what the C stands for Convenience!!

Stay tuned for more of my chronicles from QVC! I had the honor of meeting some outstanding people there. That concludes my experience for the night/day, I do hope that you all enjoyed my little snippets from inside of the warehouse. I couldn’t take pictures of everything, but there will be more from me IMG_0268and this gentleman here Angelo Vellucci, IMG_0288 as I journey through this thing called life/bloggin’.

Until next time,



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