A Girl Can Dream

There are few things in life that can distract me. One of those things is a runway show that just shoots life into my veins, similar to heroin. The other being Candy Crush SAGA, damn that game! *Throws hands up into the air* And as unfortunate as that may sound. It’s true. What am I going to do? *Shrugs shoulders*  There’s a bright side to everything, it could always be worse. 🙂

My intentions were to share with you all a little of Balmain PARIS’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 RTW(ready to wear) collection, as well as a little of H&M’s F/W 2015-16 RTW collection. It REALLY was, although after gathering my emotions from the Balmain show. My hat went off to Oliver Rousteing’s creative genius behind this ensemble of clothing he prepared for our viewing pleasure.

Oh, of course as any aspiring anything, we somehow find a way to absolutely LOVE what we cannot have at that moment. Is Balmain PARIS in my budget? Heck to the NO! But “A Girl Can Dream”, can’t I? Now H&M is heavy in my closet and drawers. I mean really, you could break your back with all of the different stuff that’s from H&M in this house! Here’s the thing though, my mouth watered just a little while watching the Balmain show yesterday. And to be honest with you all, the H&M collection is outstanding! It will most likely end up in my house with the rest of their items scattered around this place. Reason being H&M is in fact in my budget. Lol!

Here’s just a little smidgen of what H&M shared with us yesterday.


Not bad at all, right? I can see myself in at least seven/eight different articles of clothing.                                                                                                                                                                          All of the H&M images are from Harper’s Bazaar’s magazine website. I claim no ownership.


Okay, ENOUGH already, let me begin to share with you why I feel Oliver of Balmain’s collection had to get a majority of this post, and hopefully H&M will have their time to shine in a post of mine some time next week. *That is if someone hasn’t already beaten me to it*  Opening credits are on now, let’s all put on our bib as we get to all of this absolute fashion beauty. *Rubs hands together with a slight devilish grin* 


The show is now set to begin. I have the gallery set up to two different views, all are my personal favorites. The first show will display how effortlessly the fabric flowed down the runway, and the second will show the structure of the other garments. This is just a peek of what was actually on the runway. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did/do!



Did you like it? Or did I hype it up too much for your taste? I really enjoyed it! Whelp, I hope that you all got something out of it, that is my wish. 🙂

Last picture, here’s Oliver Rousteing who is the creative director and (I BELIEVE) part owner of Balmain PARIS.


All Balmain PARIS images are from VOUGE magazine’s website. I claim no ownership.


Small S/O to another blogger JILW-B life is poetry for guiding me to images for this post.

As always, thank you for your time!



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