Despite all Odds

10[1]There’s something about tailored Menswear that just sends my heart to a warm place. It sort of feels like the sun’s rays are directly on my entire body. Sensations of happiness, mixed in with drowsiness, because sitting out long enough in the summer’s sun will do that to one. Ironically, being in a relationship with a man has the same effect. Lol! 🙂 Nevertheless, I still can’t help but continue to soak it all in, muscle through the pain that is sure to follow if I don’t get up soon. From a very early age, I remember looking at well-groomed adults and thinking, “They look really nice!” You know that “look” from the 40’s & 50’s, right? Sharp, clean, tailored, dresses, suits, suspenders, sweaters, and shoes. Ooh, wee! Never mind the fact that it was not an ideal time for anyone who was of color, or that citizens had little to no say of their attire because of the way “government” subliminally had the majority of say in what you wore back then. As I think about it, not too much has seemed to have changed. Although this is not the time for that conversation, but definitely the place! Take my hand, and let us CONTINUE

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