How I feel every single time I get back from purchasing new fabrics!

Never a dull moment with Kelis, I imagine. And I GET IT! This song is how I FEEL when I sit down and begin to go through the motions immediately after I purchase fabric. There are so many different takes on any type of art. And as an artist you notice that everyone has an opinion on what should be done with Your Gift. Lol! 🙂 I say depending on who you are I may go with it, I may not.

For example, if I build homes I’ll most likely have a blueprint for the layout, I’ll know all about how to frame the home out, fix (or contact someone for) any plumbing or electrical issues etc.  I would surely know how to install floors, installation, and so forth. Now when the home is complete, I may feel it’s necessary for me to invest my time and/or money on an Interior Designer. Not that I’m in any way incapable of doing it myself, I’m just wise enough to know that if I’m going to sell/rent this house quickly, I should have someone come in who studied & knows that field to help assist me. That’s just a no brainer to me, but the overall craftsmanship of the home is still MINE. I’ve completed and also assigned to whomever what I felt represented me, or the future homeowners in this particular house. The quality of work will be beyond standard, and it should also make the buyer feel elated! Like they’ve gotten their money’s worth. As they should.

That’s how I see art/fashion/film/construction etc. etc. We are not all the same. We’re not all shaped the exact way. We don’t all have the same taste. We don’t all look alike. We are all unique in one way or another. You don’t move like I do, and that is AWESOME! So why would I put you, myself, or anyone else for that matter in a one size/style/image fits all category? The thought of that just boggles my mind.

My humble advice is try to be free, be smart, be cautious, be loving, be different, be brave, be open, be you, be loud, be quiet, and just live a little already. Everything we see on a daily basis, isn’t really as it appears.

As always, I hope that you enjoyed. Please feel free to comment, I enjoy reading/replying to them all!  🙂



One thought on “SCREAM

  1. Nols says:

    I can actually hear your voice as I read this, especially on the part that reads, “Not that I’m in any way incapable of doing it myself, I’m just wise enough to know that if I’m going to sell/rent this house quickly, I should have someone come in who studied & knows that field to help assist me.” I heard your voice drop a little as you began that sentence and rise to a higher octave once you said “me” and finished your point! LOL

    Anyway, I wanted to stop by and encourage you, my dear sister, to KEEP WRITING because it seems that you have something to say, and people need to hear it! People want to know how to be fashionably frugal, and once they see how you put together outfits, their going to see how much of an authority on the subject you truly are!

    To your success…in a pretty, free flowing dress! (big cheese for being corny! LOL)

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