I Don’t Want To Care Right Now

timthumb[1]Certain emotions and feelings SUCK. Specifically the ones of anger, irritation, resentment, and alright, mainly the negative ones! We should all be able to express ourselves in a respectful manner whenever those feelings do arise. I get that part, if anyone gets that part it’s me! Inside joke, and it’s funny because it’s true. Okay, back to the cause at hand. There’s a simple word that can work almost everything out. Will everyone please say it with me, COM-MUN-I-CA-TION. Is it too difficult to ask of from someone that you know, are in a business with, or even related to for expressive conflict free communication? I believe not, but many would beg to differ! It is what it is.

I try my extreme best not to let situations/people get underneath my skin. I’ll do my best to resolve the conflict quickly (that is if what/whomever is reasonable enough for me to have a sensible conversation with), because if I let it harbor I’ll be giving them power over me. Yeah right, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” If they are not willing I’ll workout, sew, write, or do something productive to counter balance the foolishness that is happening at the time. Tah, I’m quick to leave the circumstance right where it stands. Straight face, no attitude, and keep on moving like when the beat drops to your favorite song at a party. It’s sometimes insane to me that so many people don’t understand that simple concept. This is where my brain fogs come into play, humans either imagine garbage scenarios in their mind, then expect you to understand, or they actually believe them already, and there’s no convincing them of the truth/reality! What? Ooh, these are good ones too. When the human blows up into the HULK, becomes disrespectful, belligerent, & behaves like it’s appropriate to “release those feelings into the atmosphere.” Um, in my humble opinion. Please, go take a walk, get  yourself together, and then contact me once Ms. Hyde leaves & Dr. Jekyll returns. Thanks. 🙂



If only everyone who has a difficult time properly disposing of negative energy could make fabric for the world it might just be awesome. (I’m not quite sure yet, just a thought. I would have to see what each one produced and sift out the disturbing from the revolutionary! Lol) The humans who produced the disturbing fabrics may have to take up boxing or landscaping. We’ll find them something constructive to do with themselves. 😉 But really take that negative energy sit down, take a breather, and begin to extract those feelings into something beautiful. How much simpler would this earth be for us all? Textiles make me feel free all of the time. There are way too many to name, but those who know just know. It’s a really unique experience, and it makes me feel like, I Don’t Want To Care Right Now. I don’t care that my son is running back & forth up this ramp, and it’s seems like my daughter is the only one who’s concerned. I Don’t Want To Care Right Now, that I’ve told my daughter several times to put lotion on her hands and she hasn’t. Maybe she no longer understands English. Who knows? Who cares? I Don’t Want To Care Right Now that all of this fabric is sending me into something similar to a diabetic shock. My blood sugar isn’t low, I just ate something right before we walked inside of here. But for some reasons beyond me, it’s the feeling that I get once I take my first step into my favorite fabric store in Sinking Springs, PA. We went this past Wednesday! Fabric, fabric, everywhere. What are you going to make? I don’t care! Check out our visit in the gallery below.



Isn’t it overwhelming! And these pictures only represent about 1/2 of the store/warehouse. It’s really something to die for, in my humble opinion. I made out like a bandit too. I’ll keep you all updated on some of the fabric that I purchased, as well as what I’ll be making throughout the Spring/Summer. I’M SO STOKED, you have absolutely no clue…

Like I Always say, I thoroughly hope that you all enjoyed the post. As a newbie it gets discouraging from time to time, but I won’t let what’s going on “around” me differ me from my end goal. Thank you for your time.

I just Don’t Want To Care Right Now though!



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