Jonas Gerard

 Love and Success go hand in hand, in my humble opinion. Let me tell you why…

When you have a love for someone/thing, it will drive you like no other. Pushes you when you are feeling weak, embraces you when you’re low, and helps you to see obstacles clearly, so you make wise choices. Some may even call that passion! You see, this passion for the/that thing you love invigorates you to receive more of that love because the love feels so good. And in the words of Teddy Pendergrass, it feels good loving somebody/thing and that somebody/thing loves you back. I’m talking really good.

Oh, and let me be clear of  this “thing” that I’m talking about, it’s not an object, it’s a skill set that you possess. Be it a chef, public speaker, writer, caregiver, teacher, and so forth. Once you’ve identified it within yourself, you begin working hard not only for you, but for the thing(s) that you love & that are loving you back! You understand that it’s loving you back when people are sending compliments to the chef, telling you how well you spoke and how inspirational you are, also as people read what you’ve written and want more of it, and so on and so on. You get it! You like it! You have to have more!

This is a great place to be, as well as scary. Now you feel high and low all in one swoop. You want to do more, but you secretly feel pressure. Am I good enough, will this work, is it too much, what if I fail, what if I become extremely successful? All valid questions, but there  is no room for that in this stage of where we’re going. Turn that nervous energy into something special for your supporters, your lovers, your passion! We are only as good as our what we put out that day/week/month/year, therefore let’s continue to cultivate what we have been blessed with fearlessly! Our success depends on it, and really true love will help you along on this journey.

I wish  us all the very best, and as always I hope that you enjoyed this post! 🙂


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