Elle Moco is from Philadelphia, PA. & South Africa. She puts Philly first because she’s been there for the most of her life, and felt that it was only right. Elle’s soul is South African, so she’ll never deny that part of her existence. She’s a mother of two, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and budding entrepreneur. Welcome to Elle’s journey as she blogs her way through all of the ups and downs.

For as long as Elle can remember she’s adored well dressed/groomed individuals, so she calls that style/fashion. Elle absolutely loves putting outfits together, be it sewing from a pattern, reconstructing from old & new clothes, or just buying brand new articles of clothing from a store. By adding the perfect accessory(ies), hair, and makeup (when ever needed), makes her feel very at home.

Culture has always been in Elle’s home life, therefore she loves to meet/greet people of all walks of life, ethnicities, and find out more about them. What other cultures enjoy, their take on “fashion”, as well as their lifestyles. Elle believes that even though we all have a lot of similarities as people, culture & tradition differentiate who we are, what we say, how we say it, and also how we behave. In Elle’s humble opinion, she had to embrace culture!

Recreation & music are also a big part of Elle’s life. There is something about music that can lighten up almost anyone, and also address serious issues in the world with a lightheartedness that we humans need from time to time Elle believes. It also makes our bodies move, which is a form of exercise, something else that Elle enjoys doing with her family & friends. She tries to stay active & eat healthy, so you’ll see some of that on this Lifestyle Blog.

Even though Elle’s schooling is in Fashion Construction Apparel, and she also knows some Illustrator & Photoshop CC for Fashion. Elle’s ultimate goal is to one day to be a stylist for the stay at home moms like herself who needs toย attend an event, or even for a top-notch celebrity going to the Oscars. Would she love to start building relationships with Design Firms to have the latest samples in clothing & accessories, of course! Elle would just like to show you all that she’s much more than just styling, sewing, and shopping. She’s going to share how she’s human being with strengths & weaknesses, also how she can network, loves to travel, has a sense of humor, can budget money, welcomes challenges, enjoys diversity, and is a leader as well as collaborator. Sometimes Elle’s shy, but she will still set out to accomplish any goal that she puts on her to do list.

Wherever life takes Elle in this journey of life, she’s willing to go along for the ride. We all start somewhere, and it’s only the beginning for her, and she hopes that you all enjoy the show.


<3 Comments are Welcomed & Appreciated :-)

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