Kohl’s Haul ’15

Hi, again! kohls logoSo back in March, the 27th to be exact I went to Kohl’s to do some shopping on their special sale date to add-on to the coupons that I already had on hand for some additional savings. I did not expect to end my haul with such Big Savings!

If you’ve really read my posts on where I shop, you already know that Kohl’s is a staple store in our household. I’ve been shopping there for approximately 9 to 10 years, but in the last 3-4 years Kohl’s has proven to not let me down more than some of my other favorite stores hands down. That’s why I always return. I’ll explain how and why now…

Doorbusters, Early Bird/Late Night Deals/Specials, Big Deals: However they choose to word it at Kohl’s is their preference. What it means to the customer is that you’ll save at least 20-50% off of retail price on an item in store, from home décor to fragrance to clothing. I’m listening, keep going!

Clearance: Kohl’s get’s new inventory it seems to me like every three months, it may be sooner than that, but it’s too much to keep up with. That means the clearance is always being restocked as well. Most of the time not even out of season/trend and highly discounted, about 60-85% off of retail price. Not bad, continue.

Design Nation: This is when a High End Designer teams up with Kohl’s to give us ready to wear (RTW) articles of clothing within the Kohl’s customer’s budget. It’s kind of a big deal. H&M, Target, and other stores do this from time to time to attract a new/young/fresh buyer into their store. It almost always works! Let’s move on…

Kohl’s Charge Card: Now this is for responsible individuals only! By having a Kohl’s charge you get additional savings/percentages mailed to your home, about 10-12 times a year I believe. One of those savings being promotional, meaning you’ll get in the mail $10 off of $30 spent on men’s clothing, or $10 off of $40 spent on juniors clothing, or even $30 off of $100 spent in the home décor department. The other savings/percentages being 15, 20 or 30% off of your total price at the end. The thing is, you can only get the extra percentage savings if you use the charge card. The promotional ones you can use whatever form of money you please. So how I use my charge card is, buy with what money I know that I’m willing to spend, swipe the card, and then pay it off right there in store same day! BE RESPONSIBLE.

Kohl’s Emails/Apps: If you know that you aren’t ready for a charge card, you can just sign up for emails or their app. That way they email you about 6-10 times a year a chance to save 15-20% off of and entire purchase, they’ll also keep you informed of sales/clearances, and online only savings. Sometimes on a very rare chance everyone signed up for email alerts get’s a chance to win 30-40% off of a total price. But again that’s like super rare.

Kohl’s Cash: The best thing ever! For every $50 spent you get $10 Kohl’s Cash. This opportunity happens a lot throughout the year I must say. So the time to earn KC is for about 1 week, you shop, rack up some Kohl’s Cash, and then the very next week you get 2 weeks to spend your KC. Sounds pretty good thus far, no?

YES TO YOU Rewards; This is fairly new to Kohl’s. You sign up, kind of like email/charge card, but you don’t get any emails or a credit card. Actually it’s more like a grocery card, for every $1 you get 1 point, $100 gets you 100 points, so now you qualify to get $5 off your next purchase. It’s low-key awesome. Everyone can get one, and it’s relatively harmless. I like it! I like savings though. 🙂

Entire Family/Home Store; I get a lot of stuff from here for the whole family, as well as for our home. Food processors, bedding, candles, accessories, sneakers, shoes, bags, so much more.

Here’s the best part of it all! Are you ready? You can combine all of the savings in one trip! The sale/promotion/clearance that Kohl’s has going on, you’re percentage off coupon, whatever promotional savings that they’ve mailed to your home, and still earn Kohl’s Cash if you’ve managed to spend over $50. WHAT!?! Most stores do not allow you to combine savings, that’s why Kohl’s is dominating the market on the low! And to end it off with some icing on this freshly baked cake (if you’re into that kind of thing). You can take back anything that you are unsatisfied with for any reason, at anytime, and get your money back. I just died. I absolutely love this store.

Now without further ado, here are some pics and then a video.


These next three photos go with this video that I uploaded explaining a little of what I got into full detail about here on the blog. Check it out to see what happened, and how much we spent/saved!!

As always I hope that you all the enjoyed this post, and I thank you for your time!