WhAt ArE yOu GoInG tO dO?

No matter how hard I try to embrace my imperfections they still find a way to humble me even more. I mean we all make mistakes! Why does it botherĀ ME soĀ muchĀ when I do? Aren’t I here to learn from my mistakes, which I like to call lessonsĀ by the way. Why do I care? Why am I so hard on myself? Who are you to make me feel like my work isn’t good enough? What does it mean? How do IĀ get past this?Ā 

No person walking, crawling, riding, or however you get around on this earth, is perfect. Yet in stillĀ humans try to behave as if we are. Judgmental little ‘FOCKERS’ at times.Ā Seems to me like the more insecure you are the meaner you are, in my humble opinion anyway. And the more you love yourself, the more you seem toĀ do way more for others than yourself at times. How does this work? What are you going to do?

I love <3. I move on. I give back. I brush past bullish. That’s what I’ll do. Always have, and always will.


As always…



THE JOLT (Inspiration)

Where have I been?


Am I out of my mind?Ā Because as I’ve been learning in this world of blogging, you must post something almost everyday. EVERYDAY? How is that possible I ask myself? Where do you get “The Jolt”, the inspiration to post something almost everyday. Call me old fashioned, but I like to take my time. Young with an old soul, some may say,Ā andĀ I would have to agree! šŸ˜‰ Ā Seriously though, I’m not just trying to put anything out there. It has to be up to my standards of quality before I HIT that publish button.

Am I currently in a “rut”, not necessarily. There are a number of events in the very near futureĀ that I have the pleasure of attending that I’ll be keeping you all posted on, and there is also someone that I’ll be featuring this upcomingĀ Monday as well. So, I have quantity.Ā For myself, thereĀ Ā just hasĀ to be time to digest it all, so that there is quality. Nothing should feel rushed to me just to meet someone else’s standards. For what/why? Timing as always is key to me. If the timing is slightly off,Ā I don’t feel right, and everything must be paused until all my ducks are in a row. My intension is never to keep anyone waiting, sometimes it just happens like that, but I won’t have you waiting for months on end. That’s just unprofessional in my humble opinion. A week at the most is acceptable for me to not lose my cool,Ā therefore IĀ should hope forĀ the same from others! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right?

Moving along. Where does my “Jolt” come from you ask?


Just kidding! šŸ™‚Ā  It comes from where most greatĀ inspiration emerges, of course. Being around AWESOME/AMAZING people, places, music,Ā and things. Humble, loving, driven, determined, and generous people like my children & myself. Beautiful, breathtakingĀ scenery thatĀ just gives me life. Excuse me, as my mouth drools just from the thought ofĀ an evening sunset by the ocean.Ā Some thingsĀ IĀ couldn’tĀ pass up areĀ a coolĀ architectural building, orĀ a flawless diamond,Ā even an oldĀ vintage bike,Ā might even beĀ a small child in their element of bliss.*WhispersĀ life under myĀ breath*Ā Music is self explanatory! Everyone has that song that just puts there whole life at ease, Bob Marley is usually that go to guy/melody for myself. Those are some of theĀ avenues forĀ me toĀ find my brightest inspiration.Ā Snaps me into focus, gets me back on track, andĀ lets me know that my plan may not be like her/his plan, but that doesn’t make my plan any less significant.


In the end my focus on how IĀ can stay relevant in this blogging atmosphere is to be honest with myself. Do what I am willing & able to do in order to keep me happy & satisfied. Hopefully the readers will be happy & satisfiedĀ as well. *Wink’s eye* My goal is to also steer clear away from “soul suckers”! Arrogant, self-centered, want to see you fail individuals. There’s no room in my basket for them, so I leave ’em where they stand. Even if there end goal is the same as mine, we don’t have to ride in the same taxi together. As a matter of fact I’ll drive, or call Uber whichever the situation calls for. Hope you’ll do the same if any of those situations ever presentsĀ themselves in your own life.

Make the best of what you have now. Tomorrow is the unknown, be happy today!

Thanks again for your time, and until next time.