WhAt ArE yOu GoInG tO dO?

No matter how hard I try to embrace my imperfections they still find a way to humble me even more. I mean we all make mistakes! Why does it bother¬†ME so¬†much¬†when I do? Aren’t I here to learn from my mistakes, which I like to call lessons¬†by the way. Why do I care? Why am I so hard on myself? Who are you to make me feel like my work isn’t good enough? What does it mean? How do I¬†get past this?¬†

No person walking, crawling, riding, or however you get around on this earth, is perfect. Yet in still¬†humans try to behave as if we are. Judgmental little ‘FOCKERS’ at times.¬†Seems to me like the more insecure you are the meaner you are, in my humble opinion anyway. And the more you love yourself, the more you seem to¬†do way more for others than yourself at times. How does this work? What are you going to do?

I love <3. I move on. I give back. I brush past bullish. That’s what I’ll do. Always have, and always will.


As always…



THE JOLT (Inspiration)

Where have I been?


Am I out of my mind?¬†Because as I’ve been learning in this world of blogging, you must post something almost everyday. EVERYDAY? How is that possible I ask myself? Where do you get “The Jolt”, the inspiration to post something almost everyday. Call me old fashioned, but I like to take my time. Young with an old soul, some may say,¬†and¬†I would have to agree! ūüėČ ¬†Seriously though, I’m not just trying to put anything out there. It has to be up to my standards of quality before I HIT that publish button.

Am I currently in a “rut”, not necessarily. There are a number of events in the very near future¬†that I have the pleasure of attending that I’ll be keeping you all posted on, and there is also someone that I’ll be featuring this upcoming¬†Monday as well. So, I have quantity.¬†For myself, there¬†¬†just has¬†to be time to digest it all, so that there is quality. Nothing should feel rushed to me just to meet someone else’s standards. For what/why? Timing as always is key to me. If the timing is slightly off,¬†I don’t feel right, and everything must be paused until all my ducks are in a row. My intension is never to keep anyone waiting, sometimes it just happens like that, but I won’t have you waiting for months on end. That’s just unprofessional in my humble opinion. A week at the most is acceptable for me to not lose my cool,¬†therefore I¬†should hope for¬†the same from others! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right?

Moving along. Where does my “Jolt” come from you ask?


Just kidding! ūüôā¬† It comes from where most great¬†inspiration emerges, of course. Being around AWESOME/AMAZING people, places, music,¬†and things. Humble, loving, driven, determined, and generous people like my children & myself. Beautiful, breathtaking¬†scenery that¬†just gives me life. Excuse me, as my mouth drools just from the thought of¬†an evening sunset by the ocean.¬†Some things¬†I¬†couldn’t¬†pass up are¬†a cool¬†architectural building, or¬†a flawless diamond,¬†even an old¬†vintage bike,¬†might even be¬†a small child in their element of bliss.*Whispers¬†life under my¬†breath*¬†Music is self explanatory! Everyone has that song that just puts there whole life at ease, Bob Marley is usually that go to guy/melody for myself. Those are some of the¬†avenues for¬†me to¬†find my brightest inspiration.¬†Snaps me into focus, gets me back on track, and¬†lets me know that my plan may not be like her/his plan, but that doesn’t make my plan any less significant.


In the end my focus on how I¬†can stay relevant in this blogging atmosphere is to be honest with myself. Do what I am willing & able to do in order to keep me happy & satisfied. Hopefully the readers will be happy & satisfied¬†as well. *Wink’s eye* My goal is to also steer clear away from “soul suckers”! Arrogant, self-centered, want to see you fail individuals. There’s no room in my basket for them, so I leave ’em where they stand. Even if there end goal is the same as mine, we don’t have to ride in the same taxi together. As a matter of fact I’ll drive, or call Uber whichever the situation calls for. Hope you’ll do the same if any of those situations ever presents¬†themselves in your own life.

Make the best of what you have now. Tomorrow is the unknown, be happy today!

Thanks again for your time, and until next time.