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Despite all Odds

10[1]There’s something about tailored Menswear that just sends my heartĀ to a warm place.Ā ItĀ sort ofĀ feels like theĀ sun’s rays areĀ directly on my entire body. Sensations ofĀ happiness, mixed in with drowsiness, becauseĀ sitting out long enough in the summer’s sun will do that toĀ one. Ironically, being in a relationship with a man has the same effect. Lol! šŸ™‚Ā Nevertheless, IĀ still can’t helpĀ but continue to soak it all in, muscle through the pain that is sure to follow if I don’t get up soon. From a very early age, I remember looking at well-groomed adults and thinking, “They look really nice!” You know that “look” from the 40’s & 50’s, right? Sharp, clean, tailored, dresses, suits, suspenders, sweaters, and shoes. Ooh, wee! Never mind the fact that it was not an ideal time for anyone who was of color, or thatĀ citizens had little to no say of their attireĀ because ofĀ the wayĀ “government”Ā subliminally hadĀ the majority of say inĀ what you wore backĀ then. As I think about it, not too much has seemed to have changed. Although this is not the time for that conversation, but definitely the place! Take my hand, and let usĀ CONTINUE


Styling for You

Alright now, it’s about that time whereĀ everyone who lives up North (or as of late any State experiencing extreme cold), but specifically up North is anticipating for the weatherĀ to break. The sunĀ willĀ begin to stay out a littleĀ longer, andĀ we won’tĀ need to beĀ more layered than an onion! IĀ can honestly say that I am one of thoseĀ peopleĀ right now. Oh, HAPPY DAY!!


As for me, I love to get dressed no matter what the weather. Although, there is something about the Spring & Fall that get me really excited! Now I’m not one to dress for trends. I tend to buy clothes that are versatile throughout my wardrobe. I amĀ definitely known to mix and match, and I strongly suggest that to anyone who may ask me. IĀ LOVE color, prints, and an overall pretty clean look. I respect anyone willing to go out of the box with their style, but it has to be age appropriate, in your current dress size (please don’t get me started on too small or too big clothing),Ā and seem effortless. Clothing should have some personality I believe as well. I mean we are people who are in the clothes after all.Ā A little stain here or there, (not a HUGE one in the middle of your shirt or underarms)! Maybe a small threadĀ “hanging ten”. Little things that say, hey it’s clean, I’m clean, we’ve just been through some good times and I’m not trying to forget them just yet. Lol šŸ™‚ Because to me anytime it may appear as if you are trying too hard, I say no to that.

I really don’t believe that there is a right or wrong when it comes to style. Unless it’s just horrifying and inappropriate. I would rather not see butt cheeks, butt crack, too much leg, too much breast. Etc. etc. Some things should be left to the imagination or your partner. Again my personal, humble opinion! Style should represent your personality, it should be comfortable (or relatively comfortable if you’re talking to a woman). Why do usĀ womenĀ sometimes sacrifice comfort for beauty? Sheesh. Getting back to the matterĀ at hand, itĀ should also reflect the way you want to be treated!No matter your age getting dressed in my humble opinion should speak without you saying a word about who you are, and what you stand for in life.

For example, I’ll use me. Why not?

Here’s a look that I would wear onĀ let’s justĀ say Thursday. It’s almostĀ the weekend, but not quite. I’ll throw in some nail polish options and all. I might go with all three color incorporating a design on a few of my finger nails. Just to give you an overall picture of this woman. I may change, as a matter of fact, I WILL change into flats at some point throughout the day. Nevertheless, this is a reflection of something that I would wear on any given day. Tell me what you think.

What do you think of this woman? No seriously, I would like to know.Ā Ā Is she saying that she’s a professional, is she playful, does she have children, does she enjoy life, is she too serious, does she know how to entertain? What are your honest, kind, and genuine thoughts? Can you imagineĀ this womanĀ on a Friday going out to dinner with her husband, or significant otherĀ dressed like this (down below)? Does your mind allow you to believe that she’s the same intelligent,Ā friendly, down to earth woman/mother from the day before?

As you ponder to get your thoughts together about this woman, and please let me know. Take some time to think about the message that you are sending with what you’re wearing right now. How does(n’t) it reflect the person that you are today, or striving to be in theĀ very near future?Ā Ā šŸ˜‰

Thank you for your time, and as always…