This weekend, like most weekends we spent/spend our time at the Arden Theatre Co.  Fun for our entire family, as well as a life long LOVE & APPRECIATION of the arts for our  youth.


Ever since I can remember, I’ve been poppin’ my collar, poppin’, poppin’ my collar. Just kidding! I had to. 🙂

Seriously now, for as long as I can remember my family has always had a deep love connection with “The Arts”.  So when my daughter was given the choice to either continue with ballet, or begin an acting course. She thought quickly and said ACTING! I researched for about a week, and found a few options, but The Arden was the only establishment that returned my emails/phone calls, and invited us to an open house. From the open house on, we were sold!! From there we chose The Arden Theatre Co. for various reasons after the initial meet & greet. The main factor being how warm, loving, and involved they are with the children.  Another major factor for us choosing The Arden was that we have a wide range of ages in our family that needed to be in a productive environment. They offered so many different classes to children 1 year of age up to 18 years of age, and that is exactly what we needed! The last, but certainly not least was the affordability. They definitely are affordable, The Arden even offers scholarships to those who are really in need. I mean you can’t beat this package that the Arden offers.  Hook, line, and sinker! They had me.

Now all children attend acting courses for all different reasons, some to become famous, others to overcome shyness, it also help with public speaking, as well as just recreational time spent on a Saturday morning. The Arden caters to them all believe it or not. The teachers there are either in show business, or have been in the business, and offer the children a wide range of stories in a variety of styles from classic and contemporary, intimate and epic, fiction and nonfiction, sketch comedy (behind the scenes and for the camera), musical and dramatic.  When I tell you this place rocks, it makes you want to dance!



Just like on a game show, “But wait, there’s more!” It gets even better. Approximately three doors down, they have a Theatre where you can enjoy a play for all ages of your family. Yup, from infant to senior! Public Service Announcement: PLEASE make sure that your babies are fed and changed, that way we can ALL enjoy the show. Cranky, crying babies are no fun, but we still would like for them to come out and inhale the diversity that the Theatre has to offer! And hopefully you’ll have a caretaker for the kiddies, so that you (the parents out here) can go out on an adult night to enjoy a show of your own. The Arden offers so many deals, as well as membership packages in all price ranges, that this makes it on my frugal list of things to do for the entire family. Please take my word for it, go out and enjoy whenever you can!



There’s also a new director there this year at The Arden, and she came in with a BANG from upstate New York! Amanda Morton (below in the winter white cable knit sweater), showed up at The Arden Theatre Co. with purpose, an agenda, and an everything is possible attitude. She’s been working around the clock for every single parent, teacher, employee, and colleague that needed her attention/assistance. Including myself! What a pleasure it’s been getting to know her.  Everyone in my household is looking forward to more exciting things that The Arden has to offer thanks to her arrival, and wonderful energy!! We ❤ you Amanda.

Kids are really celebrated at The Arden. They truly nurture curiosity, creativity and confidence through their educational programming. I can agree that they foster connections between theatre and reading and promote literacy for our young audiences. The Arden Theatre Co. also says that they reach thousands of students each year, introducing many of their region’s kids to theatre for the first time. I believe it, and my children are included in these numbers!



So if you ever find yourself at home on a Friday night wondering what you’re going to do with the kids/husband/fiancé/friends on Saturday morning through evening, don’t count The Arden out! Another bonus is as the weather eventually begins to break up North, there are a plethora of things to keep the entire busy in Old City that should keep a smile on everyone’s face.


As always these are my personal opinions, no one from The Arden Theatre Co. has asked nor paid me to say any of this. I GENUINELY adore this establishment, and feel that you may as well. Happy Hunting!





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