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artLAB23 etsy

I remember dreaming about a glamorous life, like those dressed up women & men because that must equate to a better life than the one I was living. They must be important, where are they going, where are they coming from, how can I be like that when I grow up? Better yet, now! How can I be like that now?! Constantly as a little girl I imagined that those well dressed people had something finer than MYSELF. What is it? My clothes don’t look like that, they don’t fit like that, and for sure don’t make people think that I’m important. Being put together must mean RESPECT. *LIGHTBULB* Oh, so that’s why people are treating me like this, because I’m not dressed like those people. My next steps are to figure out how to dress like grown people who get respect.Those thoughts are my first steps into the vast world of FASHION. Will I fail as all beginner walkers do, too many times to count! But that’s what life is, you take the “Bumps and bruises of all the things of a two-time loser” (Teddy Pendergrass Love TKO), and just keep pushing. Counting my blessings, and cutting my losses.

Time elapsed… I’ve finally decided that I’m going to pursue this FASHION thing once and for all. Better now than never I say to myself, and I jump. Dove right into the deep end with floaters on my arms ’cause I KNOW that I’m going to need some help. I take some fashion courses, and I learn A WHOLE LOT. I think to myself, “I’m fond of this life,”  just like the little girl in me knew that I would. Let’s see how far I can swim, I’m in the water now might as well do a few laps. Soon I’ll be able to take off my floaters, but for now, I’m going to continue to pace myself.


 Time Passed and I’m Sewing Now

A.F.E. Event 9

My very first Mixed Media Men’s Button Down Shirt.

This shirt pictured above is one of my favorites. I made this for a wedding that we attended back in October 2014. What a task! Oh my, drafting the patterns, cutting the fabrics & interfacing, ironing, sewing, buttons, fittings, and all of the other tasks that needed to be done in order for this shirt to be finished to my standards. And as much as I enjoyed the process, it made me realize how much more I wanted to become a Fashion Stylist. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like knowing you can make all of the clothing on your body. Although I just may LOVE the story behind getting someone (even myself) dressed for an event, photo shoot, TV show, etc. etc. even more. I appreciate the color scheme, the fit, the feel that everyone is going for collectively. Hard work still none the less, but I’ll listen to your point of view, I can tell that story, I will read this book, let me help you to get THESE clothes onto the canvas in your mind.



The event, a Trunk Show/Brand Launch. At an event like this, there will be music, drinking, networking, and fun. You want to dress up (not too much), be comfortable (because you may dance), and also be taken seriously (you never know what kind of connections you could make). So the look that I gave my hubby was, Casual Dressy. I choose the sports coat & pocket square (which I also made) for the dressy, paired them with dark-chocolate denim jeans that’s my casual, the colorful mixed media button down for fun & balance, and ended it with dark-chocolate wing-tipped boots.  I thought he looked delicious overall.


Winter Lookbook Entry

This is fun for me. I take pleasure in styling, and working with like-minded individuals, so I’M GLAD that I took my leap. For some people (like myself) it may take a few times before you find your way life, learn to walk, or master swimming. Whatever it may be, the keys that I’ve learned are that, if you believe in something from the pit of your soul, pursue it! It may work out the first time, it may not. Take the necessary time to get it as close to perfection as you possibly can. If it still doesn’t work out then it may not be for you, but you tried. So there should be absolutely no regrets. Dust yourself off, and move on! If it does workout for you, there will be a great joy for having believed, followed through, and persevered.

Congrats to all of us reaching for our stars & to those who are struggling to find your way! There is beauty in the struggle. ❤

Sports Coat: NORDSTROM’S RACK, Pants: LEVI’S, Shirt & Pocket Square: MoCo_Sews, Boots: DSW Shoe Warehouse


As always, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this read. Feel free to leave me a message/comment, it’s only right if you’ve stayed for this long! 🙂 😉




Styling Choices for The Final Show:

This Saturday was the final show of the semester for our older children’s show at The Arden Theatre Co. I chose to style us like this for several reasons. I’ll start with my boy.

Even though he’s three, he has an opinion about what he wears. I appreciate the “I know what I want personality,” but it limits me with what I can put on him, and be truly happy with the outcome. His idea of pants are any type of basketball attire. He says he likes “soft pants”. So I go with it. There’s no point in arguing with a child.

I also couldn’t keep him still and properly together for the life of me. This picture is a miracle!




Everything he’s wearing is from OshKosh B’gosh except his sneakers, they are Reebok. I call this a top only photo shoot look. If no one ever saw his joggers & sneakers he’d be good to go. A button down shirt, with a double knit sweater is one of our go to looks for going out.  There are a plethora of colors that he looks REALLY great in, but in this instance he had these two toned blue pants. So blue it was! Occasionally I can get some denim on him, but he’s three, I let him get away with a lot!


Now my daughter is a lot easier. I tell her why I’m choosing what I choose, and she usually goes with it. Sometimes she “gets in her bag,” and disagrees with a color choice or shirt, but that’s alright with me. I can easily work with that type of personality.

IMG_0381 IMG_0382

The look I went for here with my daughter is cute little girl, of course! The theme in her musicals was upbeat, and funky. This color palette is one of my favorites for her complexion too. She’s a kid so I don’t go for grown up prints . I tend to stay youthful with her attire, so she can be seen that way, as well as maintain her age and grace.

Her cardigan and jeans are also OshKosh B’gosh, and her sweater & boots are from Kohl’s. Both are great stores with quality clothing for an exceptionally reasonable prices!



My “other” son, is always wearing what I either would appreciate to have on my little one, or something similar to. Here he is in all of his handsome, adorableness! The color choices are usually always on point with his skin tone. He listens to me in that area of expertise. I ❤ this guy!



Of course I’m the easiest to deal with as long as I’m not too bottled up with work.



Everything that I’m wearing is from Kohl’s, turtleneck, pants, jacket, shoes, and leaf necklace. Believe it or not the end price for all of those items is approximately $70. The scarf is from H&M about 2 years ago, and that was $5.



I chose this outfit because it was fashionably frugal, these are some of my “GO TO” colors, weather friendly, my age appropriate, suitable for all audiences, as well as super comfortable.

Hair & makeup done by me.

Hope you all enjoy!



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