Guest Features in Fashions for Now: Next Up!

Hi, fellow bloggers, friends, & lovers of reading! I do hope that you don’t miss the weekend too much! For us in Philadelphia, it’s been a four day weekend, Popemania all over town. Hopefully the beginning of your work week is treating you well, nonetheless!

After a VERY long , yet productive break, I’ve returned, and this was quite a feat for me. I say this because of the love of this brand. If there was any brand that I believe deserves recognition for their¬†current design aesthetic, it’s this company. I love to see apparel lines take shape with their conviction & style right before your eye. Another beautiful thing¬†about the designer that I’m highlighting for this “episode” designs for both men and women! *Drools a little* Can I just say that anyone who knows me, knows that I love menswear just as much (if not more at times) as women’s wear. Thus the long wait “shopping” the internet and¬†in Photoshop to get these looks¬†as right as possible¬†in my mind for this post.

With all of that being said, the wait has been long enough! Next up is…

Henry Holland of House of Holland


Here’s the kicker with¬†the HOH¬†(House of Holland) collections, I absolutely LOVE almost every single article of clothing inside of them. Henry’s ode to self is¬†quite evident. The HOH collection is a tailored (so London), yet edgy (New York kind), and still makes whom ever is wearing it feel Unique, Cool, GOOD and believe it or not Polished. Who does this?! And does it so well, Henry Holland of HOH.

I desperately would love to wear this designer at least 5 days maybe even more out of a week, to be¬†honest with you all. This is why it proved to be quite difficult when it came for me to pick and choose articles of clothing, therefore I’ll be doing this post VERY different from my last.

Look Number 1.



The looks¬†I’m, oh I mean she’s wearing¬†are HYPERLINKED;

Orange Crop Top: HOH, Dirndl Skirt: HOH, Black Lady Bag: HOH, Comb Over Sunglasses: HOH, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Thigh High Boots: S. Madden.

Pink Embroidered Crop Top: HOH, Midi Length Sweat Skirt: HOH, Embellished Hot Dog Bag: HOH, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: HOH, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Sneakers: Juicy Couture @Kohls.

Look Number 2.



What he’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Black Leather Shirt: HOH, Zig-Zag Trouser: HOH, Snakeskin Bucket Hat: HOH, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Black Leather Boots: John Varvatos Star @Bloomingdales.

Enjoy Myself T-Shirt (Black): HOH, Gingham Trousers: HOH, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: HOH, High Top Sneakers: Gucci @Bloomingdales.

Look Number 3.



What I’m, ugh, I’ve done that again. What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Flame Print Sweatshirt (front & back views): HOH, Midi Length Tube Skirt: HOH, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Green Sunglasses: HOH, Stardust Bucket Bag: HOH, Booties: Kenneth Cole @Bloomingdales.

Mini Tube Dress (front and back views): HOH, Fur Clutch w/Chain: HOH, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Sunglasses: HOH, Ankle Booties: Vera Wangs @Kohls.

Look Number 4.



What he’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Teacup Sweatshirt: HOH, Black Jeans: HOH, Watch: Daniel Wellington @Bloomingdales, Chukka Boots: Aldo.

Yellow Sweatshirt: HOH, Ell Gee Sweatpants: HOH, Flame Bucket Hat: HOH, Watch: Movado @Bloomingdales, Sneakers (Woman’s): Kenneth Cole @Bloomingdales.

Look Number 5.



What they’re wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Denim Jean Jacket: HOH, Snake Print Joggers: HOH, Lace Crop Top: Lush Top @Bloomingdales, Necklace: Charming Charlie, Sunglasses: HOH, Tricks Clutch: HOH, Leather Slip On Sneakers: Aldo

Zig-Zag Trousers: HOH, M.F.P. Chest Tee: HOH, Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo @Bloomingdales, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: HOH, Chukka Sneakers: TOMS @Bloomingdales.

HOH is KILLING the game! Which¬†can also be thought of as an understatement in my personal opinion, and isn’t that what blogging is ALL about! Personal opinions. However, I do leave room for us to agree to disagree. Once you’ve actually gone to the HOH site, or inside the¬†actual store,¬†and¬†still beg to differ. ABSOLUTELY ¬†leave me a Comment, so that we can talk. ūüôā¬†I’m certain that Henry has at least one article of clothing/accessory for EVERYONE’S taste level.

Now go and explore, have fun, and above all make it a great week!

As always, I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed this post! That I was supposed to post yesterday, YIKES!!





Presenting: Guest Feature in Fashions for Now

In honor of all the wonderful future fashions going on all over world, and the presently adorable, edgy, and fairly expensive¬†lines that are out and available today. I’ve decided to do little dedications throughout the week (maybe longer, who knows with me)! Now the designers that I’m featuring are all mostly¬†high end, although I’ve¬†added some low end pieces. Because we should all¬†look expensive no matter what we’ve paid for¬†our¬†items of clothing or accessories.

However,¬†I’ll try my very best to have lux looks covered in¬†different budgets for the next couple weeks, so do not fret. JUST try to grin and bear it until then, please! ūüėȬ†Now let’s get through this¬†present quest happily and most of all fashionably frugal. Depending on your budget for these next few designers it will not be so¬†frugal, but I like what I like, and love what I love. So maybe we’ll be happily fashionable in our journey through today’s honorable guest.

Who just happens to be….

Marc Jacobs


Here we go, look Number 1.

Because it’s still on and off warm/hot, and we really don’t want summer to end. I’ve added two looks to end the summer¬†(up North anyway)¬†off cute and classy!!


What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Shirt: Mark Jacobs, Skirt: Marc Jacobs, Unsmiley Face Bag: Marc Jacobs, Watch: is also Marc Jacobs, but sold out. Link is a close match, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Sneakers: Chuck Taylors @Kohls

Look Number 2 is one of my favorites. Effortless beauty, upscale yet comfortable.  With the switch of a heal and eye makeup, you can transition from day to night easy!


What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Dress: Marc Jacobs, Purse: Marc Jacobs, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Charming Charlie, but sold out too. Link is a pretty close match. Necklace: Charming Charlie, Shoes: Michael Kors

Look Number 3 is taking us right into my favorite season of all time, Autumn! I love everything about this outfit, starting with the color palette.¬†Second thing¬†would have to be¬†the back view¬†with zipper detail. Yes, lawd!¬†Lastly would have to be that it’s some of everything from everywhere. That’s how I¬†shop in real life, and am glad that I¬†have the chance to show¬†how I’d do it with¬†Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money. Hahahaha.¬†Super hype with it, I am!!

One More

What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Sweater (Front & Back View): Marc Jacobs, Satchel: Marc Jacobs, Shirt: House of Holland, Pants: Levi’s @Kohls, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Boots: Timberland

Look Number 4 is by far my Most Favorable. This look really makes me feel like she’s stylish, but relatable. Not too casual, but not too fashionable either. I dig her play on expensive tailoring, but also will take a ride on an ATV if the day takes her there. You Go Girl!!


What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Wool Coat: Marc Jacobs, Sweater: Marc Jacobs, Pants: Levi’s @Kohls, Backpack: Marc Jacobs, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Necklace: Charming Charlie,¬†Boots: Timberland

There you have it, and let me tell you, I want it all! There are Sssooooo many more Awesome pieces on Marc Jacobs’ Official website I could die in there! Although I wouldn’t live to show you our next guest, and give you what I’ve been working on. I guess I’ll live. Hope to you come back for more.

And as always, I hope that you’ve enjoy this post.

Please comment and share what you feel!



Fashion & Focus

I’m in the mood to write a little, maybe a lot. Who knows with me?

What brought me here was a picture/post that I put up on Instagram late last night.¬†I talked about how in Africa¬†Cacao bean pickers and Diamond miners already see beauty in the item that they are working to obtain. It didn’t take chocolate to make the bean delicious, the natives enjoy the bean as is. The cut of the diamond doesn’t give the rock more value, it’s already worth someone’s life over in Africa. They get it, believe me! Thus the story of my life.


As every Fashion &¬†Beauty blogger knows, it’s NYFW (New York Fashion Week), for those of you who happen to just be¬†humans. Lol :-)!¬† Do¬†I enjoy a spectacular fashion show just as much as the rest? Yes, if I must say so myself. Would I love¬†to be working as a Wardrobe Stylist to some of the designers on the runway from day to day, picking out outfits, snapping pictures everywhere, posting them on all of my social media sites,¬†and blog,¬†of course! Let’s be realistic though, there are levels to this ish in the wonderful words of Meek Mill (a rapper from Philadelphia). Unless you are born into “the business” and given that silver spoon, YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO WORK BISH!


I don’t knock anyone’s hustle on how they get to where they’re trying to go. I’m cut from a different kind of cloth. The “Please do you! ‘Cause I’m going to do me!!” cloth. If your dream is to become¬†some sort of¬†scientist, you’ve studied every book in that field, graduated with honors, and nobody is trying to hire you because you’ve had little to no hands on experience, so you improvise on your LinkedIn page or resume’. WHY NOT?!¬† You are qualified. It’s just that no one was willing to take a chance on you until your profile became colorful. I applaud that kind of thinking. If you’re aspiring to be a singer, and all you do are covers of other artist’s songs, or maybe background sing for some random artists. But you know how to sing! Do what you need to do in order to get where you need to go. As for myself as¬†a Fashion Stylist, I have other things on my plate¬†that will get¬†me to¬†my final destination as well.

Strive For


Styling comes Ssssooooo easy to me that it’s really quite scary sometimes. I don’t post all of what is in my head because I’m NOT READY, there are levels to this ish. In the meantime, I’ll work on my master plan. Tweak what needs to be done on a weekly basis. Keep track of what’s been done, and what I still need to do, as well as continue to take care of my home. All the while behind the scenes building beneficial relationships, and tearing down the ones where people question my vision/nonbelievers. None of that, that we as¬†artists tend to do sometimes, care about how people¬†view us, what others think, and/or if we¬†are on the “same path” to success as the one before us. Not I! We don’t even eat the same foods, we don’t hang with the same crowd, we don’t watch the same shows. So how, better yet, why would I bother to compare? Stunting my growth, for what? I’m just¬†typing from an honest place right now, and¬†I say¬†NO to that foolishness.

All that matters to me right here, right now, are faith, family, vision,¬†focus,¬†follow through, my believers, and my end goals.¬†(I’m sure that there are more, but y’all get it!) No limits, just endless opportunities!! The¬†rest will fall into place. Therefore don’t worry about me, my makeup is to¬†naturally¬†see darkness from time to time. That doesn’t stop me from¬†opening up to the inevitable light. Fully¬†aware of¬†my¬†value, what I bring to the table, my worth, and that my beauty inside and out is undeniable. I’m going to get there, and¬†in my raw or polished state those who know me will surely understand & accept what’s to come.Youcandoanything[1]


Now to all of those who are obsessed about someone else’s trajectory, do yourself a solid and find¬†the sun beneath¬†your fog. Not for me, nor anyone¬†else,¬†but for you! Let’s build up each other up, and¬†forget¬†tearing one another down.¬†Life will be so much more enjoyable that way, in my humblest opinion anyhow.

I hope this reaches someone who needed it, more than I needed to write it! Now go and make your dreams come true. And as always I sure do hope that you enjoyed this post.



All runway fashion photos are courtesy of Vogue Magazine online. The Tome S/S 2016 collection & Ohne Titel S/S 2016 collection.

Untitled #312

Because I’m horrible with Pinterest, but I REALLY would pin this, so I’ll just reblog it. Simple sweet, and to the point. ūüôā

Hope you all enjoy as much as I did. Peace!

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Kohl’s Haul ’15

Hi, again! kohls logoSo back in March, the 27th to be exact I went to Kohl’s to do some shopping on their special sale date to add-on to the coupons that I already had on hand for some additional savings. I did not expect to end my haul with such Big Savings!

If you’ve really read my posts on where I shop, you already know that Kohl’s is a staple store in our household. I’ve been shopping there for approximately 9 to 10 years, but in the last 3-4 years Kohl’s has proven to not let me down more than some of my other favorite stores hands down. That’s why I always return. I’ll explain how and why now…

Doorbusters, Early Bird/Late Night Deals/Specials, Big Deals:¬†However they choose to word it at¬†Kohl’s is their preference. What it means to the customer is that you’ll save at¬†least¬†20-50% off of retail price on an¬†item in store, from home d√©cor to fragrance to clothing. I’m listening, keep going!

Clearance: Kohl’s get’s new inventory it seems to me like every three months, it may be sooner than that, but it’s too much to keep up with. That means the clearance is always being restocked as well. Most of the time not even out of season/trend and highly discounted, about 60-85% off of retail price. Not bad, continue.

Design Nation: This is when a High End Designer teams up with Kohl’s to give us ready to wear (RTW) articles of clothing within the Kohl’s customer’s budget. It’s kind of a big deal. H&M, Target, and other stores do this¬†from time to time to attract a new/young/fresh buyer into their store. It almost always works! Let’s move on…

Kohl’s Charge Card: Now this is for responsible individuals only! By having a Kohl’s charge you get additional savings/percentages mailed to your home, about 10-12 times a year I believe. One of those savings being promotional, meaning you’ll get in the mail $10 off of $30 spent on men’s clothing, or $10 off of $40 spent on juniors clothing, or even $30 off of $100 spent in the¬†home d√©cor department. The other savings/percentages being 15, 20 or 30% off of your total price at the end.¬†The thing is,¬†you can only get the extra percentage¬†savings if you use the charge card. The promotional ones you can use whatever form of money you please. So how I use my charge card is, buy with what money I know that I’m willing to spend, swipe the card,¬†and then pay it off right there in store same day! BE RESPONSIBLE.

Kohl’s Emails/Apps: If you know that you aren’t ready¬†for a charge card, you can just sign up for emails or their app. That way they email you about 6-10 times a year a chance to save 15-20% off of and entire purchase, they’ll¬†also¬†keep you informed of¬†sales/clearances,¬†and online only savings. Sometimes on a very rare chance everyone signed up for email alerts get’s a chance to win 30-40% off of a total price. But again that’s like super rare.

Kohl’s Cash: The best thing ever! For every $50 spent you get $10 Kohl’s Cash. This opportunity happens a lot throughout the year I must say. So¬†the time to earn KC¬†is for about 1 week, you shop, rack up some Kohl’s Cash, and then the very next week you get 2 weeks to spend your KC. Sounds pretty good thus far, no?

YES TO YOU Rewards; This is fairly new to Kohl’s. You sign up, kind of like email/charge card, but you don’t get any emails or a credit card. Actually it’s more like a grocery card, for every $1 you get 1 point, $100 gets you 100 points, so now you qualify to¬†get $5 off your next purchase. It’s low-key awesome. Everyone can get one, and it’s¬†relatively¬†harmless. I like it! I like savings though. ūüôā

Entire Family/Home Store; I get a lot of stuff from here for the whole family, as well as for our home. Food processors, bedding, candles, accessories, sneakers, shoes, bags, so much more.

Here’s the best part¬†of it all! Are you ready? You can combine all of the savings in one trip! The sale/promotion/clearance that Kohl’s has going on, you’re percentage off coupon, whatever promotional savings that they’ve mailed to your home, and still earn Kohl’s Cash if you’ve managed to spend over $50. WHAT!?! Most stores do not allow you to combine savings, that’s why Kohl’s is dominating the market on the low! And to end it off with some icing on this freshly baked cake (if you’re into that kind of thing). You can take back anything that you are unsatisfied with for any reason, at anytime, and get your money back. I just died. I absolutely love this store.

Now without further ado, here are some pics and then a video.


These next three photos go with this video that I uploaded explaining a little of what I got into full detail about here on the blog. Check it out to see what happened, and how much we spent/saved!!

As always I hope that you all the enjoyed this post, and I thank you for your time!





Jonas Gerard

¬†Love and Success go hand in hand, in my humble opinion. Let me tell you why…

When you have a¬†love for someone/thing, it will drive you like no other. Pushes you when you are feeling weak, embraces you when you’re low, and helps you to see obstacles clearly, so you make wise choices. Some may even call that passion! You see, this passion for the/that thing you love invigorates you to receive more of that love because the love feels so good. And in the words of Teddy Pendergrass, it feels good loving somebody/thing and that somebody/thing loves you back. I’m talking really good.

Oh, and let me be clear of ¬†this “thing” that I’m talking about, it’s not an object,¬†it’s a skill set¬†that you possess. Be it a chef,¬†public speaker, writer, caregiver, teacher, and¬†so forth. Once you’ve identified it within yourself,¬†you begin working hard not only for you, but for the thing(s) that you love¬†& that are loving you back! You¬†understand that it’s loving you back when people are¬†sending compliments to the chef, telling you how well you spoke and how inspirational you¬†are, also as people read what you’ve written and want¬†more of it,¬†and so on and so on. You get it! You like it! You have to have more!

This is a¬†great¬†place to be,¬†as well as¬†scary.¬†Now you feel high and low all in one swoop. You want to do more, but you secretly feel pressure. Am I good enough, will this work, is it too much, what if I fail, what if I¬†become extremely successful? All valid questions, but there¬† is no room for that in this stage of where we’re going. Turn that nervous energy into something special for your supporters, your lovers, your passion! We are only as good as our what we put out that day/week/month/year, therefore let’s continue to cultivate what we have been blessed with fearlessly! Our success depends on it, and really true love will help you along on this journey.

I wish¬† us all the very best, and as always I hope that you enjoyed this post! ūüôā



I Don’t Want To Care Right Now

timthumb[1]Certain emotions and feelings SUCK. Specifically the ones of anger, irritation, resentment, and¬†alright, mainly the negative ones! We should all be able¬†to express ourselves in a respectful manner whenever those feelings do arise. I get that part, if¬†anyone gets that part¬†it’s me! Inside joke, and it’s funny because it’s true. Okay,¬†back to the cause at hand. There’s a simple word that can work almost everything out. Will everyone please say it with me, COM-MUN-I-CA-TION. Is it¬†too difficult to ask of from someone that you know, are in a business with, or even related to for expressive conflict free communication? I believe not, but many would beg to differ! It is what it is.

I try my extreme best not¬†to let situations/people¬†get underneath my skin. I’ll do my best to resolve the conflict¬†quickly (that is¬†if what/whomever is reasonable enough¬†for me to have¬†a sensible conversation with),¬†because if I let it harbor I’ll be giving them power over me.¬†Yeah right,¬†“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” If they are not willing I’ll workout, sew,¬†write, or do something productive to counter balance the foolishness that is happening at¬†the time.¬†Tah,¬†I’m quick to leave¬†the circumstance right where it stands. Straight face, no attitude, and keep¬†on moving like when the beat drops¬†to your favorite song at¬†a party. It’s sometimes insane to me that so many people don’t understand that simple concept.¬†This is where my¬†brain fogs come into play, humans either imagine garbage scenarios in their mind, then expect you to understand, or they actually believe them already, and there’s no convincing them of the truth/reality! What?¬†Ooh, these¬†are good ones too. When the human blows up into the HULK, becomes disrespectful,¬†belligerent, &¬†behaves like it’s¬†appropriate to “release those feelings into the atmosphere.” Um, in my humble opinion.¬†Please, go take a walk, get ¬†yourself together, and then contact me once Ms. Hyde leaves & Dr. Jekyll returns. Thanks. ūüôā



If only everyone who has a difficult time properly¬†disposing of negative energy could make fabric for the¬†world it might just be awesome.¬†(I’m not¬†quite sure yet,¬†just a thought. I would have to¬†see what each one produced and sift out the disturbing from the revolutionary! Lol) The humans who produced the disturbing fabrics may have to take up boxing or landscaping. We’ll find them something constructive to do with themselves.¬†ūüėČ But really take that¬†negative energy sit down, take a breather, and begin to extract those feelings into something beautiful. How much simpler would this earth be for us all?¬†Textiles make me feel free all of the time. There are way too many to name, but those who know just know. It’s a really unique experience, and¬†it makes me feel like, I Don’t Want To Care Right Now. I don’t care that my son is running¬†back & forth up this ramp, and it’s seems like¬†my daughter¬†is the only one who’s concerned. I Don’t Want To Care Right Now, that I’ve¬†told my daughter several times to put lotion on her hands¬†and¬†she¬†hasn’t.¬†Maybe she no longer understands English.¬†Who knows? Who cares? I Don’t Want¬†To¬†Care Right Now that all of this fabric is sending me into something similar to a diabetic shock. My blood sugar isn’t low, I just ate something right¬†before¬†we walked¬†inside of¬†here. But for some reasons beyond me, it’s the feeling that I get once I¬†take my first step into¬†my favorite fabric store in Sinking¬†Springs, PA. We¬†went this past Wednesday! Fabric, fabric, everywhere. What are you going to make? I don’t care! Check out¬†our visit in the gallery below.



Isn’t it overwhelming! And these pictures only represent about 1/2 of the store/warehouse. It’s really something to die for, in my humble opinion. I made out like a bandit too. I’ll keep you all updated on some of the fabric that I purchased, as well as what I’ll be making throughout the Spring/Summer. I’M SO STOKED, you have absolutely no clue…

Like I Always say, I thoroughly hope that you all enjoyed¬†the post. As a newbie it gets discouraging from time to time, but I won’t let what’s going on “around” me differ me from my end goal. Thank you for your time.

I just Don’t Want To Care Right Now though!