How to Party While on Vacation with Family: Florida Nights


This post has been on Vacation since we’ve returned from our vacation back in June of 2015. How you may ask? That answer will be in a whole other post later this week. LOL!

For now,¬†I can¬†share that¬†there are so many things that I could talk about in our family’s recent trip to Florida this past May/June, but I’ll start with this…

May 31, 2015 after a 15 hour drive from Pennsylvania to Florida with my beautiful family, we arrive at our destination. A pretty nice neighborhood on some pretty swanky land, kind of made me feel like we could have kept driving right through to the Keys of Florida. *Bats eyelashes* It really was a lovely place. We did our usual settling in routine, then went to a few stores, lastly grabbed a quick bite to eat, before jumping into the shower/tub, and heading over to Deland, FL.

For why? What¬†was in that section of Florida that we couldn’t¬†just¬†stay in our condo, walk on the beach, or lounge by the pool with my¬†mom & our children? No way, none of that tonight! You see¬†my husband and I had to sacrifice those things, sleeping in a bed, and winding down to enjoy the view of the beach because at the¬†then, current dressed to impress time of 9:45-10pm a¬†90’s style house party with his childhood friend Carl*¬†of 20+ years is happening. We need to be there, huntie!


Hubby and I pull up to a house¬†that is just rocking. Reminded me of the movie House Party (number 1 of course)! I’m kind of like jet lagged, but we drove, so it’s weird. Snapped out of that really quickly though! We haven’t seen this particular friend in about 6/7 years, so we’re pretty excited to walk into his home. Adrenaline is a powerful substance inside of the body, let me tell you. As soon as we walked through the front doors, it was like I had just finished working out. The music just jumped into my body, sleep was gone, and it¬†was time to party!

It’s hilarious because since it had been even longer than 6/7 years since we’ve seen the rest of the family, they didn’t even recognized us walking up to the house. Between the DJ who had the house on 100 decuples of¬†volume, the strobe/led party lights, the plethora of individuals, and¬†the fact that we may have told them that we might not be coming because we were REALLY¬†tired from the drive, (but it was really because we wanted to surprise them)!! Once¬†we were inside the living room and our friendly family finally recognized my husband, that’s when the room erupted! It was really heartwarming. We handed the lady of the house (Cindy*) some flowers, the man (Carl*) his favorite bottle, and then proceeded to enjoy the rest of the night/morning.








Needless to say, we had a really great time. And it was really worth the drive, as well as no sleep!

So, that’s “How to¬†Party While on Vacation with Family”. You must have an awesome sauce mom/dad that will watch their grandchildren for the night. Know super cool people close to or in the city/town that you’re staying in, for sure. And last but not least, be willing to lose sleep to have a really good time with people who know how to party, as well as care for your well being!! VERY possible, all should try it at least once.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and please feel free to comment. I appreciate them dearly. *Names have been changed to keep identities private! They’re cool as ever though.

As always, I humbly thank you.



l Watched a Person Drown…

I watched a person drown because I couldn’t swim.¬†Their arms were flapping wildly, splashing water everywhere. She seemed to be without legs,¬†as her¬†head bopped up and down.¬†I’m absolutely terrified! She disappears for¬†a second and then resurfaces, it happens again. So quickly this is¬†all happening,¬†and my heart is racing.¬†Am I the only person seeing this? What the heck should I do? I can’t swim, or at least I don’t remember the last¬†time I’ve actually tried. I remember taking classes as a¬†youth. Ahh, nevermind any of that, what¬†is going on right now? This is a joke. I’m sure of it! This isn’t even real. She’s going to resurface again, although this time she will not disappear. She’ll swim to shore, and laugh from the depths of her soul from this sick & unbelievable joke…

I once read on another blogger’s ( page that I follow, say¬†that she wrote so well when she was in a “rut”. When she was happy, it was harder for her to get accurate feelings out because of the euphoria that her body felt. I kind of agreed, but not really. I thought to myself, I can always write. I may not always be able to share, but I can definitely write.¬†Reminds me of my¬†real life at times. I can always express myself in my day to day with what I’m wearing. There, is where I feel like I can be anybody in the ENTIRE world through my clothing. However, when it comes to saying what I feel needs to be said at times to certain individuals, I hold back. I drown…

Yes, it’s clear that I’ve been away for some time, did a lot of cool things whilst I was away too! Went to Florida, had a¬†fairly decent¬†time I must say. Hershey, Pennsylvania¬†ran through that Amusement Park with my family like I would never see that place again. Had the pleasure of hosting my BEST teenage niece (well actually my only¬†niece), for a month at¬†our house this summer before she had to go back to school down South. Attended some WONDERFUL art shows. And also got to see a Janelle Monae, and her Wondaland Records artists perform a concert for absolutely free!

It’s been AWESOME!! I¬†mean by no means should I feel suffocated, right?

This is where it gets complicated. If you’ve been following me for some time (THANK YOU), you know that my family is my EVERYTHING! So much so, that I’ve been feeling perplexed. ‘Cause there is also this passion inside of me¬†that I have for LifeStyling, Helping, Mingling, Meeting Entrepreneurial People, and Seeing¬†New Places,¬†that makes me feel good. *Takes a deep breath & exhales softly* Really good!¬†It’s like every time I rise in the morning, that day is the day for a new opportunity, and it drives me to execute a master plan to make¬†my families¬†lives much better than what I had to endure growing up. So, on one hand I have my family that constantly needs me. And I go hard for them, without a doubt! How can I “abandon” them? Now on the other hand I¬†have my goals, dreams, skills, talents, and gifts. I should be able to share those, no? I’d go just as HAM on accomplishing all of them, as I would for my family. This¬†is for all of us, right? Or is¬†it¬†for my own happiness?¬†If only I didn’t have this¬†feeling, this feeling¬†that in some way I’d be doing them a disservice by going for mine. What am I doing to myself if I keep on the route that I’m currently on?

Occassionally, I feel like there somehow is water in my lungs, taking small breaths from me. As I¬†gasp for air¬†these out of body experiences are keeping me alive, or getting a kick out of how I’ll react. Is this going to work? Can I make any of “it” happen? Will I lose my mind in the process? Or does this quest that I’m on continue to give me the intense feeling of drowning? Maybe I return to the shore fine and well, with a big smile on my face in the end.

I pray that it’s the latter, looking and living The Lifestyle of the Fashionably Frugal.

As always, I thank you for reading and hope that you enjoyed!



I Don’t Want To Care Right Now

timthumb[1]Certain emotions and feelings SUCK. Specifically the ones of anger, irritation, resentment, and¬†alright, mainly the negative ones! We should all be able¬†to express ourselves in a respectful manner whenever those feelings do arise. I get that part, if¬†anyone gets that part¬†it’s me! Inside joke, and it’s funny because it’s true. Okay,¬†back to the cause at hand. There’s a simple word that can work almost everything out. Will everyone please say it with me, COM-MUN-I-CA-TION. Is it¬†too difficult to ask of from someone that you know, are in a business with, or even related to for expressive conflict free communication? I believe not, but many would beg to differ! It is what it is.

I try my extreme best not¬†to let situations/people¬†get underneath my skin. I’ll do my best to resolve the conflict¬†quickly (that is¬†if what/whomever is reasonable enough¬†for me to have¬†a sensible conversation with),¬†because if I let it harbor I’ll be giving them power over me.¬†Yeah right,¬†“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” If they are not willing I’ll workout, sew,¬†write, or do something productive to counter balance the foolishness that is happening at¬†the time.¬†Tah,¬†I’m quick to leave¬†the circumstance right where it stands. Straight face, no attitude, and keep¬†on moving like when the beat drops¬†to your favorite song at¬†a party. It’s sometimes insane to me that so many people don’t understand that simple concept.¬†This is where my¬†brain fogs come into play, humans either imagine garbage scenarios in their mind, then expect you to understand, or they actually believe them already, and there’s no convincing them of the truth/reality! What?¬†Ooh, these¬†are good ones too. When the human blows up into the HULK, becomes disrespectful,¬†belligerent, &¬†behaves like it’s¬†appropriate to “release those feelings into the atmosphere.” Um, in my humble opinion.¬†Please, go take a walk, get ¬†yourself together, and then contact me once Ms. Hyde leaves & Dr. Jekyll returns. Thanks. ūüôā



If only everyone who has a difficult time properly¬†disposing of negative energy could make fabric for the¬†world it might just be awesome.¬†(I’m not¬†quite sure yet,¬†just a thought. I would have to¬†see what each one produced and sift out the disturbing from the revolutionary! Lol) The humans who produced the disturbing fabrics may have to take up boxing or landscaping. We’ll find them something constructive to do with themselves.¬†ūüėČ But really take that¬†negative energy sit down, take a breather, and begin to extract those feelings into something beautiful. How much simpler would this earth be for us all?¬†Textiles make me feel free all of the time. There are way too many to name, but those who know just know. It’s a really unique experience, and¬†it makes me feel like, I Don’t Want To Care Right Now. I don’t care that my son is running¬†back & forth up this ramp, and it’s seems like¬†my daughter¬†is the only one who’s concerned. I Don’t Want To Care Right Now, that I’ve¬†told my daughter several times to put lotion on her hands¬†and¬†she¬†hasn’t.¬†Maybe she no longer understands English.¬†Who knows? Who cares? I Don’t Want¬†To¬†Care Right Now that all of this fabric is sending me into something similar to a diabetic shock. My blood sugar isn’t low, I just ate something right¬†before¬†we walked¬†inside of¬†here. But for some reasons beyond me, it’s the feeling that I get once I¬†take my first step into¬†my favorite fabric store in Sinking¬†Springs, PA. We¬†went this past Wednesday! Fabric, fabric, everywhere. What are you going to make? I don’t care! Check out¬†our visit in the gallery below.



Isn’t it overwhelming! And these pictures only represent about 1/2 of the store/warehouse. It’s really something to die for, in my humble opinion. I made out like a bandit too. I’ll keep you all updated on some of the fabric that I purchased, as well as what I’ll be making throughout the Spring/Summer. I’M SO STOKED, you have absolutely no clue…

Like I Always say, I thoroughly hope that you all enjoyed¬†the post. As a newbie it gets discouraging from time to time, but I won’t let what’s going on “around” me differ me from my end goal. Thank you for your time.

I just Don’t Want To Care Right Now though!




WhAt ArE yOu GoInG tO dO?

No matter how hard I try to embrace my imperfections they still find a way to humble me even more. I mean we all make mistakes! Why does it bother¬†ME so¬†much¬†when I do? Aren’t I here to learn from my mistakes, which I like to call lessons¬†by the way. Why do I care? Why am I so hard on myself? Who are you to make me feel like my work isn’t good enough? What does it mean? How do I¬†get past this?¬†

No person walking, crawling, riding, or however you get around on this earth, is perfect. Yet in still¬†humans try to behave as if we are. Judgmental little ‘FOCKERS’ at times.¬†Seems to me like the more insecure you are the meaner you are, in my humble opinion anyway. And the more you love yourself, the more you seem to¬†do way more for others than yourself at times. How does this work? What are you going to do?

I love <3. I move on. I give back. I brush past bullish. That’s what I’ll do. Always have, and always will.


As always…














Living in Philly, PA. has its fair share of good &¬†bad qualities. But that’s with every city, right? I mean it’s not really “bad” when your problem is trying to figure out which venue is The Most Beneficial for Your future to attend, or is it? And it doesn’t feel so good, when you’re not sure if you made the right choice or not. I mean let’s be honest, if you search or just keep an ear to the world, you’ll find out where almost everything that pertains to you is going¬†on. It’s¬†pretty cool that Philly¬†ALWAYS has something for you to¬†choose from to do on any given¬†day, no matter the season, nor time of day. Believe that!¬†The issue with choices are when you choose, you’re asking yourself questions like,¬†is this venue the place where I’ll get discovered? Should I have gone to that pop-up meeting for potential ‘place whatever’s appropriate here’? Maybe the event downtown is packed with way more connections than the one uptown. What do I do?

All good questions for sure, as well as¬†food for thought.¬†Although, in my humble opinion, I suggest that you forget all of those extra thoughts. Just pick¬†one &¬†go! Now¬†when you actually think about it, is it about¬†which event you choose to attend, or is it about¬†what you’re going to do when you arrive there? Because in today’s world being there isn’t enough anymore. What are you doing that is going to set you apart from the rest? How will the people remember you? What if you travel across town, and the event is full. Do you turn around, and take no for an answer? I suggest you absolutely DO NOT!

Yes, yes, yes, we¬†aware that we¬†face many choices that bombard us daily. The question is what¬†will You choose to do when the opportunity is sitting in your lap? While you think, I’ll¬†share with¬†you all what I chose this past Saturday, March 14, 2015 between 3 & 4:30pm…

Nordstrom King of Prussia Mall’s MEET & GREET with Steve Madden.



How did I get here you ask? Simple, I heard about it on the radio¬†a couple of days earlier¬†and said I’m going to myself instantly that’s how! Lol.¬†The commercial also said that just for showing up, you would receive a tote bag & t-shirt. Participants could also win any pair of Steve¬†Madden shoes that Nordstrom had in store¬†just by filling out a raffle, there would be a DJ spinning on the one’s & two’s,¬†and to top it off Steve¬†Madden will autograph anything that you would like signed. WHAT! Who put this together? Steve Madden is looking more and more like a genius the longer this commercial plays. I¬†don’t know about any of you, but that commercial had me sold to this¬†event. See you there!

There was also a host. Did I forget to tell you all that there was also a host? Yup, Julissa Bermudez who was super friendly, professional, gorgeous, and an excellent host. Wearing Steve Madden’s Spring Collection of shoes, blue fringe look¬†GREAT on her!


The line was insane when I arrived.¬†Did everyone¬†hear the same commercial that I had, or where they all just out shopping on a Saturday and just happen to reap the benefits of being at the right place at the right time? No time to think about that now,¬†I need¬†to¬†find the line, get my tote bag, t-shirt, and¬†raffle ticket. I get to the¬†end of the line,¬†there I’m told that they’ve had more¬†people than expected¬†and that the cut off has begun.¬†I¬†won’t be able to receive a tote bag, nor a t-shirt, but I can still enter the¬†raffle. WHAT?!? I don’t only want a raffle, I came here for everything that the commercial said was available. *Deep Sigh* Is this happening right now? I was looking forward to this! This isn’t¬†happening¬†right now. It’s only 3:20pm, I have to take a walk. I go out of the store to sit down and collect my thoughts, all¬†the while¬†DJ had that store ROCKING! It seemed like it was a celebrity party, the only thing¬†missing was a bar.¬†I’ll take some pictures of my children, as I look into their eyes I quickly¬†get myself¬†together, and go back in. I’m here already,¬†I’ll take some pictures of what’s happening around the store. That will make for some good blog footage, right? I’ll see when I get home. Let’s go!


I’m back in the place, and FORGET ABOUT IT.¬†The¬†DJ Lady FX was playing all of the classic hits mixed in with some of the latest ones too. She’s been rocking since I walked in the door let me get some pictures of her! She was polite, awesome, beautiful, and the woman could mix. YES!


Wait a minute, where’s Steve? I can’t leave here without pictures of him! I’m walking around several times to get the right angle. People are blocking every shot, first when I was trying to get shots of the DJ, now with Steve.¬†I have to make my way closer. I feel the negative energy around, and there is no place for that in me today. Hey, where are Steve’s¬†shoes? I mean that is what this event is about, correct? I’ll manage to get both him & his shoes somehow. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! My way today.

My personal favorites are the black & white wedges. I’m a sucker for a chunky heel or wedges! They not only make me look taller, I feel that my legs & feet¬†respect my style choice for a day spent on my feet. ūüôā

And surely was I¬†on my feet. Moving around¬†mingling and taking photos.¬†In doing so, I¬†had the pleasure of meeting¬†wardrobe stylists Tye aka BernardBlainShow on Instagram. He actually styled the host’s (Julissa Bermudez) look for the MEET & GREET w/S. Madden. Nothing but good vibes from him, and I’m looking forward to what we’ll do together with fashion¬†in the near future. I’m excited, so stay tuned!


What an amazing time! I’m so glad, that my kiddos helped me put things back into perspective because this turned out pretty cool. OH! Did I mention that with my new outlook on the day¬†I received¬†the free¬†Steve Madden tote (which I got autographed),¬†¬†the t-shirt, and a picture.


Have to say ‘kinda’ in the words of Ice Cube, “Saturday was a good day!” I hope that you all enjoyed the post,¬†and that your weekend was as productive as possible.

What I’m wearing; Hat: Target, Knitted cardigan & Young men’s Denim pants: H&M, Button down Woven & Lace mix media¬†Woman’s shirt: MoCo_Sews,¬†Jacket & Shoes: Kohls

Click on any of the red links above if you would like to visit Steve Madden Shoes, Nordstrom, Julissa Bermudez, and the BernardBlainShow.


This was my personal experience for this past Saturday. I was not paid by anyone and have no affiliation with any of these companies or people. Just jotting down my day!




Despite all Odds

10[1]There’s something about tailored Menswear that just sends my heart¬†to a warm place.¬†It¬†sort of¬†feels like the¬†sun’s rays are¬†directly on my entire body. Sensations of¬†happiness, mixed in with drowsiness, because¬†sitting out long enough in the summer’s sun will do that to¬†one. Ironically, being in a relationship with a man has the same effect. Lol! ūüôā¬†Nevertheless, I¬†still can’t help¬†but continue to soak it all in, muscle through the pain that is sure to follow if I don’t get up soon. From a very early age, I remember looking at well-groomed adults and thinking, “They look really nice!” You know that “look” from the 40’s & 50’s, right? Sharp, clean, tailored, dresses, suits, suspenders, sweaters, and shoes. Ooh, wee! Never mind the fact that it was not an ideal time for anyone who was of color, or that¬†citizens had little to no say of their attire¬†because of¬†the way¬†“government”¬†subliminally had¬†the majority of say in¬†what you wore back¬†then. As I think about it, not too much has seemed to have changed. Although this is not the time for that conversation, but definitely the place! Take my hand, and let us¬†CONTINUE