What A Rush

Building a “brand” is exciting! Despite all of the constant emailing, hour long meetings, networking from venue to venue, immediate updates on all of your social media outlets, face to faces with distributors, morning headaches, assembling your “dream team”, and so forth & so on. At times it may even seem daunting and bleak, like there are never ending stories of troubles and woes. But it’s YOUR DREAM. No obstacle is going to stand in the way of fulfilling this however long dream of yours. Because it’s been in the works for about a million years now, right? And it only seems to be truly stressful for you when everything seems to be falling into the exact place, and then BAM! Bad news finds you. It’s MY DREAM though. I’m not going to let this stop me, you say. So you continue on this 24 hour drive that you’ve set up for your success. Peaks and valleys in your mind, thunderstorms and bright skies in reality, none of that matters though because it’s, YOUR DREAM.

Some time has past, and now you are beginning to see your destination on the horizon. You drive even faster, work even harder, and are starting to reach for that 5 Hour Energy that you know you’ve packed for this ride somewhere. Found it, yes! There’s still about an eight hour drive left to go. I’m too close to stop now, there’s no turning back. Phone call, some good news is being received. Wonderful, you think! Now you’re feeling like this is all worth it again. I’m on my way, you say to yourself, I’m on my way.

Insert Brand Here:



This must have been what it felt like for this gentleman, Andre’ Francois Edwards. Or at least that’s what I got from being around him as he embarked on this AWESOME journey. I’m truly happy for him!!


This Brand Launch/Trunk Show took place at F.A.N (Friend and Nemesis Salon Boutique) in the Kensington/Fishtown section of Philadelphia, PA. On display and for sale this past “first” Friday, March 6, 2015 were his original graphic designed artwork, super soft, recycled, organic cotton mix sweat & V-neck shirts. (Sweatshirts are being worn by both Andre’ & model pictured above) Each one with a little flair of humor, strong masculine touch, and yet gentle approach to his aesthetic, as well as what he stands for as a designer/entrepreneur. It’s young, fresh, and new. Isn’t that what we all want to be inside & clearly outside, forever young!

What a night, what a RUSH! There was shopping, music, drinks, family, friends, mingling, and of course more networking. Above all of that thought, it was surely about the brand A.F.E. (Andre’), and what an amazing job he has done with the introduction to his line of clothing. Round of applause, Sir!

All of A.F.E.’s clothing that you see here on this blog, and items that you haven’t seen yet throughout the store are still available at F.A.N Salon Boutique while they last. So go check them out!!

As for me, I’ll be keeping my eye on this A.F.E. guy, I see great things in his near future! Again, congratulations, and I’m kind of glad that we met. Thank you for allowing to be a part of this event. 🙂

For more information on what Andre’ Francois Edwards and Friends and Nemesis (F.A.N) are up to click on their links above, or check them both out on Facebook.

All of these statements are my own genuine opinion, and I was not paid in any shape or form for any of them.

Until next time,