How to Party While on Vacation with Family: Florida Nights


This post has been on Vacation since we’ve returned from our vacation back in June of 2015. How you may ask? That answer will be in a whole other post later this week. LOL!

For now,¬†I can¬†share that¬†there are so many things that I could talk about in our family’s recent trip to Florida this past May/June, but I’ll start with this…

May 31, 2015 after a 15 hour drive from Pennsylvania to Florida with my beautiful family, we arrive at our destination. A pretty nice neighborhood on some pretty swanky land, kind of made me feel like we could have kept driving right through to the Keys of Florida. *Bats eyelashes* It really was a lovely place. We did our usual settling in routine, then went to a few stores, lastly grabbed a quick bite to eat, before jumping into the shower/tub, and heading over to Deland, FL.

For why? What¬†was in that section of Florida that we couldn’t¬†just¬†stay in our condo, walk on the beach, or lounge by the pool with my¬†mom & our children? No way, none of that tonight! You see¬†my husband and I had to sacrifice those things, sleeping in a bed, and winding down to enjoy the view of the beach because at the¬†then, current dressed to impress time of 9:45-10pm a¬†90’s style house party with his childhood friend Carl*¬†of 20+ years is happening. We need to be there, huntie!


Hubby and I pull up to a house¬†that is just rocking. Reminded me of the movie House Party (number 1 of course)! I’m kind of like jet lagged, but we drove, so it’s weird. Snapped out of that really quickly though! We haven’t seen this particular friend in about 6/7 years, so we’re pretty excited to walk into his home. Adrenaline is a powerful substance inside of the body, let me tell you. As soon as we walked through the front doors, it was like I had just finished working out. The music just jumped into my body, sleep was gone, and it¬†was time to party!

It’s hilarious because since it had been even longer than 6/7 years since we’ve seen the rest of the family, they didn’t even recognized us walking up to the house. Between the DJ who had the house on 100 decuples of¬†volume, the strobe/led party lights, the plethora of individuals, and¬†the fact that we may have told them that we might not be coming because we were REALLY¬†tired from the drive, (but it was really because we wanted to surprise them)!! Once¬†we were inside the living room and our friendly family finally recognized my husband, that’s when the room erupted! It was really heartwarming. We handed the lady of the house (Cindy*) some flowers, the man (Carl*) his favorite bottle, and then proceeded to enjoy the rest of the night/morning.








Needless to say, we had a really great time. And it was really worth the drive, as well as no sleep!

So, that’s “How to¬†Party While on Vacation with Family”. You must have an awesome sauce mom/dad that will watch their grandchildren for the night. Know super cool people close to or in the city/town that you’re staying in, for sure. And last but not least, be willing to lose sleep to have a really good time with people who know how to party, as well as care for your well being!! VERY possible, all should try it at least once.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and please feel free to comment. I appreciate them dearly. *Names have been changed to keep identities private! They’re cool as ever though.

As always, I humbly thank you.



Quiet Storm


Have¬†you ever¬†heard¬†successful¬†people, or celebrities¬†say, “Surround yourself with the¬†people who¬†you aspire to become.” Or project what you want out of life until it becomes a reality for you”, (fake it until you make it).¬† I’m sure that we all have at one time or another, be it through reading a book, watching a show, or listening to some song. The general consensus is to put/throw yourself out there.¬†Contact people, go to social events,¬†attend some seminars, write¬†down what you want out of the week/month/year, pray, meditate, buy this, wear that, and so forth, and so on.

Here’s my question, what¬†good¬†is any of it if you don’t get a return call/email? You mingle and network, but¬†can’t get out a clear message of what you do? That seminar gave¬†you the boost/jolt of energy that you needed¬†for the week, but¬†now reality is settling in comfortably and the spark is gone. Your plan for the week/month/year is going awesome, although now your kids/wife/husband/ mother/father is sick, or in some shape or form need YOU!¬†You’re praying, but are you acting on what you’ve prayed for? Faith without works is dead, no? Meditated on calm, stressless (not a real word), and productive days, just to fizzle out when the smoke hits the fan. Better yet, you’ve spent (or charged)¬†all this money to present yourself as “successful” when you have no food to eat, or place to live! Is it safe to say that we all know one of these¬†feelings or another similar to it?

What you do when faced with any of these obstacles, adversities, and wrenches in the game determines your outcome more than anything else in the world. That’s what I believe anyway.


I’m having a lot of situations like this happen to me in my quest to make a better life for my family and me. People looking down on me for lack of experience, instead of trying to help. Reaching out to certain individuals, not for a hand out, but to work, and being rejected. Feeling ready for the world after some strong encouragement from people in the business that I aspire to be in, just to get hit with the reality that what they’ve done will not work for me. Of course I get it. In this life, one size doesn’t fit all!¬†One size¬†fits one person, because nobody has the same journey. And some people aren’t trying to¬†assist you, because they’re too busy with their own. May I NEVER be like that. My circumstances can (and will) change for the better in due time. Although who I am deep down inside as a person should not. Unless I’m evil, and in that case change away!!

The kicker is to not¬†mind any of those “setbacks”, keep going! Be persistent, consistent, reliable, hardworking, optimistic, and ready for¬†THAT yes! Because it’s on its way. Yes there’ve been¬†days that I’ve gone into a “funk”, but I was never out of the game. I’d readjust and find another way. Have courage, passion, follow thru, and loved ones who believe in you. Oh those¬†people who believe in you, they make it ALL worth while! Make “it” work for your situation, your family, your stage in life. Will it be easy? No! If it comes easy, it’ll go just as quickly. Will it be worth it? I surely hope so! I’d suggest that you make it last, and worth while. Appreciate all that you had to learn and go through to finally be able to reap the benefits of what you’ve sown.¬†That’s all I ask of me &¬†you today, as well as from here on out.

And, oh YES, I’ll be ready to embrace the opportunities¬†as they come.

It’s time to¬†make more money, less excuses. Be a quiet storm.



As always, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post!

Please feel free to like, comment, and share yourself with me. ūüôā





Jonas Gerard

¬†Love and Success go hand in hand, in my humble opinion. Let me tell you why…

When you have a¬†love for someone/thing, it will drive you like no other. Pushes you when you are feeling weak, embraces you when you’re low, and helps you to see obstacles clearly, so you make wise choices. Some may even call that passion! You see, this passion for the/that thing you love invigorates you to receive more of that love because the love feels so good. And in the words of Teddy Pendergrass, it feels good loving somebody/thing and that somebody/thing loves you back. I’m talking really good.

Oh, and let me be clear of ¬†this “thing” that I’m talking about, it’s not an object,¬†it’s a skill set¬†that you possess. Be it a chef,¬†public speaker, writer, caregiver, teacher, and¬†so forth. Once you’ve identified it within yourself,¬†you begin working hard not only for you, but for the thing(s) that you love¬†& that are loving you back! You¬†understand that it’s loving you back when people are¬†sending compliments to the chef, telling you how well you spoke and how inspirational you¬†are, also as people read what you’ve written and want¬†more of it,¬†and so on and so on. You get it! You like it! You have to have more!

This is a¬†great¬†place to be,¬†as well as¬†scary.¬†Now you feel high and low all in one swoop. You want to do more, but you secretly feel pressure. Am I good enough, will this work, is it too much, what if I fail, what if I¬†become extremely successful? All valid questions, but there¬† is no room for that in this stage of where we’re going. Turn that nervous energy into something special for your supporters, your lovers, your passion! We are only as good as our what we put out that day/week/month/year, therefore let’s continue to cultivate what we have been blessed with fearlessly! Our success depends on it, and really true love will help you along on this journey.

I wish¬† us all the very best, and as always I hope that you enjoyed this post! ūüôā














Living in Philly, PA. has its fair share of good &¬†bad qualities. But that’s with every city, right? I mean it’s not really “bad” when your problem is trying to figure out which venue is The Most Beneficial for Your future to attend, or is it? And it doesn’t feel so good, when you’re not sure if you made the right choice or not. I mean let’s be honest, if you search or just keep an ear to the world, you’ll find out where almost everything that pertains to you is going¬†on. It’s¬†pretty cool that Philly¬†ALWAYS has something for you to¬†choose from to do on any given¬†day, no matter the season, nor time of day. Believe that!¬†The issue with choices are when you choose, you’re asking yourself questions like,¬†is this venue the place where I’ll get discovered? Should I have gone to that pop-up meeting for potential ‘place whatever’s appropriate here’? Maybe the event downtown is packed with way more connections than the one uptown. What do I do?

All good questions for sure, as well as¬†food for thought.¬†Although, in my humble opinion, I suggest that you forget all of those extra thoughts. Just pick¬†one &¬†go! Now¬†when you actually think about it, is it about¬†which event you choose to attend, or is it about¬†what you’re going to do when you arrive there? Because in today’s world being there isn’t enough anymore. What are you doing that is going to set you apart from the rest? How will the people remember you? What if you travel across town, and the event is full. Do you turn around, and take no for an answer? I suggest you absolutely DO NOT!

Yes, yes, yes, we¬†aware that we¬†face many choices that bombard us daily. The question is what¬†will You choose to do when the opportunity is sitting in your lap? While you think, I’ll¬†share with¬†you all what I chose this past Saturday, March 14, 2015 between 3 & 4:30pm…

Nordstrom King of Prussia Mall’s MEET & GREET with Steve Madden.



How did I get here you ask? Simple, I heard about it on the radio¬†a couple of days earlier¬†and said I’m going to myself instantly that’s how! Lol.¬†The commercial also said that just for showing up, you would receive a tote bag & t-shirt. Participants could also win any pair of Steve¬†Madden shoes that Nordstrom had in store¬†just by filling out a raffle, there would be a DJ spinning on the one’s & two’s,¬†and to top it off Steve¬†Madden will autograph anything that you would like signed. WHAT! Who put this together? Steve Madden is looking more and more like a genius the longer this commercial plays. I¬†don’t know about any of you, but that commercial had me sold to this¬†event. See you there!

There was also a host. Did I forget to tell you all that there was also a host? Yup, Julissa Bermudez who was super friendly, professional, gorgeous, and an excellent host. Wearing Steve Madden’s Spring Collection of shoes, blue fringe look¬†GREAT on her!


The line was insane when I arrived.¬†Did everyone¬†hear the same commercial that I had, or where they all just out shopping on a Saturday and just happen to reap the benefits of being at the right place at the right time? No time to think about that now,¬†I need¬†to¬†find the line, get my tote bag, t-shirt, and¬†raffle ticket. I get to the¬†end of the line,¬†there I’m told that they’ve had more¬†people than expected¬†and that the cut off has begun.¬†I¬†won’t be able to receive a tote bag, nor a t-shirt, but I can still enter the¬†raffle. WHAT?!? I don’t only want a raffle, I came here for everything that the commercial said was available. *Deep Sigh* Is this happening right now? I was looking forward to this! This isn’t¬†happening¬†right now. It’s only 3:20pm, I have to take a walk. I go out of the store to sit down and collect my thoughts, all¬†the while¬†DJ had that store ROCKING! It seemed like it was a celebrity party, the only thing¬†missing was a bar.¬†I’ll take some pictures of my children, as I look into their eyes I quickly¬†get myself¬†together, and go back in. I’m here already,¬†I’ll take some pictures of what’s happening around the store. That will make for some good blog footage, right? I’ll see when I get home. Let’s go!


I’m back in the place, and FORGET ABOUT IT.¬†The¬†DJ Lady FX was playing all of the classic hits mixed in with some of the latest ones too. She’s been rocking since I walked in the door let me get some pictures of her! She was polite, awesome, beautiful, and the woman could mix. YES!


Wait a minute, where’s Steve? I can’t leave here without pictures of him! I’m walking around several times to get the right angle. People are blocking every shot, first when I was trying to get shots of the DJ, now with Steve.¬†I have to make my way closer. I feel the negative energy around, and there is no place for that in me today. Hey, where are Steve’s¬†shoes? I mean that is what this event is about, correct? I’ll manage to get both him & his shoes somehow. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! My way today.

My personal favorites are the black & white wedges. I’m a sucker for a chunky heel or wedges! They not only make me look taller, I feel that my legs & feet¬†respect my style choice for a day spent on my feet. ūüôā

And surely was I¬†on my feet. Moving around¬†mingling and taking photos.¬†In doing so, I¬†had the pleasure of meeting¬†wardrobe stylists Tye aka BernardBlainShow on Instagram. He actually styled the host’s (Julissa Bermudez) look for the MEET & GREET w/S. Madden. Nothing but good vibes from him, and I’m looking forward to what we’ll do together with fashion¬†in the near future. I’m excited, so stay tuned!


What an amazing time! I’m so glad, that my kiddos helped me put things back into perspective because this turned out pretty cool. OH! Did I mention that with my new outlook on the day¬†I received¬†the free¬†Steve Madden tote (which I got autographed),¬†¬†the t-shirt, and a picture.


Have to say ‘kinda’ in the words of Ice Cube, “Saturday was a good day!” I hope that you all enjoyed the post,¬†and that your weekend was as productive as possible.

What I’m wearing; Hat: Target, Knitted cardigan & Young men’s Denim pants: H&M, Button down Woven & Lace mix media¬†Woman’s shirt: MoCo_Sews,¬†Jacket & Shoes: Kohls

Click on any of the red links above if you would like to visit Steve Madden Shoes, Nordstrom, Julissa Bermudez, and the BernardBlainShow.


This was my personal experience for this past Saturday. I was not paid by anyone and have no affiliation with any of these companies or people. Just jotting down my day!




Despite all Odds

10[1]There’s something about tailored Menswear that just sends my heart¬†to a warm place.¬†It¬†sort of¬†feels like the¬†sun’s rays are¬†directly on my entire body. Sensations of¬†happiness, mixed in with drowsiness, because¬†sitting out long enough in the summer’s sun will do that to¬†one. Ironically, being in a relationship with a man has the same effect. Lol! ūüôā¬†Nevertheless, I¬†still can’t help¬†but continue to soak it all in, muscle through the pain that is sure to follow if I don’t get up soon. From a very early age, I remember looking at well-groomed adults and thinking, “They look really nice!” You know that “look” from the 40’s & 50’s, right? Sharp, clean, tailored, dresses, suits, suspenders, sweaters, and shoes. Ooh, wee! Never mind the fact that it was not an ideal time for anyone who was of color, or that¬†citizens had little to no say of their attire¬†because of¬†the way¬†“government”¬†subliminally had¬†the majority of say in¬†what you wore back¬†then. As I think about it, not too much has seemed to have changed. Although this is not the time for that conversation, but definitely the place! Take my hand, and let us¬†CONTINUE


THE JOLT (Inspiration)

Where have I been?


Am I out of my mind?¬†Because as I’ve been learning in this world of blogging, you must post something almost everyday. EVERYDAY? How is that possible I ask myself? Where do you get “The Jolt”, the inspiration to post something almost everyday. Call me old fashioned, but I like to take my time. Young with an old soul, some may say,¬†and¬†I would have to agree! ūüėČ ¬†Seriously though, I’m not just trying to put anything out there. It has to be up to my standards of quality before I HIT that publish button.

Am I currently in a “rut”, not necessarily. There are a number of events in the very near future¬†that I have the pleasure of attending that I’ll be keeping you all posted on, and there is also someone that I’ll be featuring this upcoming¬†Monday as well. So, I have quantity.¬†For myself, there¬†¬†just has¬†to be time to digest it all, so that there is quality. Nothing should feel rushed to me just to meet someone else’s standards. For what/why? Timing as always is key to me. If the timing is slightly off,¬†I don’t feel right, and everything must be paused until all my ducks are in a row. My intension is never to keep anyone waiting, sometimes it just happens like that, but I won’t have you waiting for months on end. That’s just unprofessional in my humble opinion. A week at the most is acceptable for me to not lose my cool,¬†therefore I¬†should hope for¬†the same from others! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right?

Moving along. Where does my “Jolt” come from you ask?


Just kidding! ūüôā¬† It comes from where most great¬†inspiration emerges, of course. Being around AWESOME/AMAZING people, places, music,¬†and things. Humble, loving, driven, determined, and generous people like my children & myself. Beautiful, breathtaking¬†scenery that¬†just gives me life. Excuse me, as my mouth drools just from the thought of¬†an evening sunset by the ocean.¬†Some things¬†I¬†couldn’t¬†pass up are¬†a cool¬†architectural building, or¬†a flawless diamond,¬†even an old¬†vintage bike,¬†might even be¬†a small child in their element of bliss.*Whispers¬†life under my¬†breath*¬†Music is self explanatory! Everyone has that song that just puts there whole life at ease, Bob Marley is usually that go to guy/melody for myself. Those are some of the¬†avenues for¬†me to¬†find my brightest inspiration.¬†Snaps me into focus, gets me back on track, and¬†lets me know that my plan may not be like her/his plan, but that doesn’t make my plan any less significant.


In the end my focus on how I¬†can stay relevant in this blogging atmosphere is to be honest with myself. Do what I am willing & able to do in order to keep me happy & satisfied. Hopefully the readers will be happy & satisfied¬†as well. *Wink’s eye* My goal is to also steer clear away from “soul suckers”! Arrogant, self-centered, want to see you fail individuals. There’s no room in my basket for them, so I leave ’em where they stand. Even if there end goal is the same as mine, we don’t have to ride in the same taxi together. As a matter of fact I’ll drive, or call Uber whichever the situation calls for. Hope you’ll do the same if any of those situations ever presents¬†themselves in your own life.

Make the best of what you have now. Tomorrow is the unknown, be happy today!

Thanks again for your time, and until next time.



Unexpected Surprise

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to all who may read my thoughts, facts, and opinions!! How are you all?

I have a little trivia question for you. Can anyone tell me what the Q, the V, and the C, stand for in the brand network QVC?

Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting QVC in West Chester, PA. And let me tell you it was something awesome.

IMG_0261I’ll begin with the d√©cor of this establishment. No expense was spared when they built/remodeled/renovated the building. It was truly warm, inviting, exciting, and most importantly (to me anyway), it was very friendly. From the colors choices/palettes, to their layouts,¬†and over to their¬†state of the art technology, it really showed how far they have come to where they¬†are going next. I wasn’t expecting it to be sooo modern, yet for all the things that¬†I learned they do on site, I wouldn’t expect any less!

If by any chance you’re anything like me you probably thought¬†oh, QVC is the channel that sells jewelry and mature women’s clothing. That’s about it, well YOU’RE WRONG, as was I. They sell everything under the kitchen sink, behind the garage door, and more! It was an unexpected surprise to me how much they sold, and also how organized they are with their company. No stone is left unturned.

You see people/children of a certain age (like myself), go shopping for everything at the mall, second-hand stores, and mostly because it’s convenient, online. Television shopping is a thing of the past, right? Uh, yes and no! Not only does QVC sell a plethora of items via the TV¬†in America, Italy, China, the UK, Japan, Germany, and a few other countries, they also have an online shopping network connected to the their television broadcasting network. Which by the way is almost all on site. This company is the real deal.

IMG_0254This also seems like a great time to let you know that the Q stands for Quality.¬† A word that doesn’t seem to just be there for the fun of it. They test EVERYTHING!!! Even the host before they get to broadcast live on the air. Which the host will do for 364 days out of the year. They rotate, of course! The only pre-taped show is the Christmas show. ¬†All¬†of the¬†items sold on any of¬†the live shows must¬†meet QVC’s standards of quality before they will even let you sell one item on their IMG_0253network/website. You go through an application process, interview, and any other bells & whistle they need. The great thing is that they are always looking for some new, fresh, innovative, and exciting new products. And if you happen to fail to meet their standards of quality the first time around, but listen to their feedback, and make the appropriate adjustments with your product. QVC will get you a second chance to show/interview¬†for their network. And products placed on¬†QVC’s platform have¬†a reputation of sending your sales through the roof! Just be sure that you’re ready for what they are expecting from you as the distributor because they value their customers.¬† At least that’s what I got out of the tour!

This seems like another good time to let you know that the V stands for Value. Since that tour was so¬†valuable! Our tour guide Mrs. Susie was amazing! She knew everything about the company, the business, the production, the sets, as well as¬†the employees. I’m sure that she has some type of stock in this company because it all seemed quite natural, very sincere, and still easy peezy.¬†¬†Mrs. Susie¬†was truly a pleasure and I thank her for that.¬† ūüôā Here she is telling us¬†a brief story about some of the older reward¬†tactics QVC used in order to stay on top of all of the competition back in the day, and also¬†keep their consistent, loyal¬†customers happy with discounts or coupons.

IMG_0270Overall, I had a very informative day that made me consider taking some time out of my day to see what QVC is selling online. Which is convenient for me, and also brings me to what the C stands for Convenience!!

Stay tuned for more of my chronicles from QVC! I had the honor of meeting some outstanding people there. That concludes my experience for the night/day, I do¬†hope that you all enjoyed my little snippets from inside of the warehouse. I couldn’t take pictures of everything, but there will be more from me IMG_0268and this gentleman here Angelo Vellucci, IMG_0288¬†as I journey through this thing called life/bloggin’.

Until next time,