Presenting: Guest Feature in Fashions for Now

In honor of all the wonderful future fashions going on all over world, and the presently adorable, edgy, and fairly expensive¬†lines that are out and available today. I’ve decided to do little dedications throughout the week (maybe longer, who knows with me)! Now the designers that I’m featuring are all mostly¬†high end, although I’ve¬†added some low end pieces. Because we should all¬†look expensive no matter what we’ve paid for¬†our¬†items of clothing or accessories.

However,¬†I’ll try my very best to have lux looks covered in¬†different budgets for the next couple weeks, so do not fret. JUST try to grin and bear it until then, please! ūüėȬ†Now let’s get through this¬†present quest happily and most of all fashionably frugal. Depending on your budget for these next few designers it will not be so¬†frugal, but I like what I like, and love what I love. So maybe we’ll be happily fashionable in our journey through today’s honorable guest.

Who just happens to be….

Marc Jacobs


Here we go, look Number 1.

Because it’s still on and off warm/hot, and we really don’t want summer to end. I’ve added two looks to end the summer¬†(up North anyway)¬†off cute and classy!!


What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Shirt: Mark Jacobs, Skirt: Marc Jacobs, Unsmiley Face Bag: Marc Jacobs, Watch: is also Marc Jacobs, but sold out. Link is a close match, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Sneakers: Chuck Taylors @Kohls

Look Number 2 is one of my favorites. Effortless beauty, upscale yet comfortable.  With the switch of a heal and eye makeup, you can transition from day to night easy!


What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Dress: Marc Jacobs, Purse: Marc Jacobs, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Charming Charlie, but sold out too. Link is a pretty close match. Necklace: Charming Charlie, Shoes: Michael Kors

Look Number 3 is taking us right into my favorite season of all time, Autumn! I love everything about this outfit, starting with the color palette.¬†Second thing¬†would have to be¬†the back view¬†with zipper detail. Yes, lawd!¬†Lastly would have to be that it’s some of everything from everywhere. That’s how I¬†shop in real life, and am glad that I¬†have the chance to show¬†how I’d do it with¬†Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money. Hahahaha.¬†Super hype with it, I am!!

One More

What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Sweater (Front & Back View): Marc Jacobs, Satchel: Marc Jacobs, Shirt: House of Holland, Pants: Levi’s @Kohls, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Boots: Timberland

Look Number 4 is by far my Most Favorable. This look really makes me feel like she’s stylish, but relatable. Not too casual, but not too fashionable either. I dig her play on expensive tailoring, but also will take a ride on an ATV if the day takes her there. You Go Girl!!


What she’s wearing is HYPERLINKED;

Wool Coat: Marc Jacobs, Sweater: Marc Jacobs, Pants: Levi’s @Kohls, Backpack: Marc Jacobs, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Charming Charlie, Necklace: Charming Charlie,¬†Boots: Timberland

There you have it, and let me tell you, I want it all! There are Sssooooo many more Awesome pieces on Marc Jacobs’ Official website I could die in there! Although I wouldn’t live to show you our next guest, and give you what I’ve been working on. I guess I’ll live. Hope to you come back for more.

And as always, I hope that you’ve enjoy this post.

Please comment and share what you feel!



Fashion & Focus

I’m in the mood to write a little, maybe a lot. Who knows with me?

What brought me here was a picture/post that I put up on Instagram late last night.¬†I talked about how in Africa¬†Cacao bean pickers and Diamond miners already see beauty in the item that they are working to obtain. It didn’t take chocolate to make the bean delicious, the natives enjoy the bean as is. The cut of the diamond doesn’t give the rock more value, it’s already worth someone’s life over in Africa. They get it, believe me! Thus the story of my life.


As every Fashion &¬†Beauty blogger knows, it’s NYFW (New York Fashion Week), for those of you who happen to just be¬†humans. Lol :-)!¬† Do¬†I enjoy a spectacular fashion show just as much as the rest? Yes, if I must say so myself. Would I love¬†to be working as a Wardrobe Stylist to some of the designers on the runway from day to day, picking out outfits, snapping pictures everywhere, posting them on all of my social media sites,¬†and blog,¬†of course! Let’s be realistic though, there are levels to this ish in the wonderful words of Meek Mill (a rapper from Philadelphia). Unless you are born into “the business” and given that silver spoon, YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO WORK BISH!


I don’t knock anyone’s hustle on how they get to where they’re trying to go. I’m cut from a different kind of cloth. The “Please do you! ‘Cause I’m going to do me!!” cloth. If your dream is to become¬†some sort of¬†scientist, you’ve studied every book in that field, graduated with honors, and nobody is trying to hire you because you’ve had little to no hands on experience, so you improvise on your LinkedIn page or resume’. WHY NOT?!¬† You are qualified. It’s just that no one was willing to take a chance on you until your profile became colorful. I applaud that kind of thinking. If you’re aspiring to be a singer, and all you do are covers of other artist’s songs, or maybe background sing for some random artists. But you know how to sing! Do what you need to do in order to get where you need to go. As for myself as¬†a Fashion Stylist, I have other things on my plate¬†that will get¬†me to¬†my final destination as well.

Strive For


Styling comes Ssssooooo easy to me that it’s really quite scary sometimes. I don’t post all of what is in my head because I’m NOT READY, there are levels to this ish. In the meantime, I’ll work on my master plan. Tweak what needs to be done on a weekly basis. Keep track of what’s been done, and what I still need to do, as well as continue to take care of my home. All the while behind the scenes building beneficial relationships, and tearing down the ones where people question my vision/nonbelievers. None of that, that we as¬†artists tend to do sometimes, care about how people¬†view us, what others think, and/or if we¬†are on the “same path” to success as the one before us. Not I! We don’t even eat the same foods, we don’t hang with the same crowd, we don’t watch the same shows. So how, better yet, why would I bother to compare? Stunting my growth, for what? I’m just¬†typing from an honest place right now, and¬†I say¬†NO to that foolishness.

All that matters to me right here, right now, are faith, family, vision,¬†focus,¬†follow through, my believers, and my end goals.¬†(I’m sure that there are more, but y’all get it!) No limits, just endless opportunities!! The¬†rest will fall into place. Therefore don’t worry about me, my makeup is to¬†naturally¬†see darkness from time to time. That doesn’t stop me from¬†opening up to the inevitable light. Fully¬†aware of¬†my¬†value, what I bring to the table, my worth, and that my beauty inside and out is undeniable. I’m going to get there, and¬†in my raw or polished state those who know me will surely understand & accept what’s to come.Youcandoanything[1]


Now to all of those who are obsessed about someone else’s trajectory, do yourself a solid and find¬†the sun beneath¬†your fog. Not for me, nor anyone¬†else,¬†but for you! Let’s build up each other up, and¬†forget¬†tearing one another down.¬†Life will be so much more enjoyable that way, in my humblest opinion anyhow.

I hope this reaches someone who needed it, more than I needed to write it! Now go and make your dreams come true. And as always I sure do hope that you enjoyed this post.



All runway fashion photos are courtesy of Vogue Magazine online. The Tome S/S 2016 collection & Ohne Titel S/S 2016 collection.


l Watched a Person Drown…

I watched a person drown because I couldn’t swim.¬†Their arms were flapping wildly, splashing water everywhere. She seemed to be without legs,¬†as her¬†head bopped up and down.¬†I’m absolutely terrified! She disappears for¬†a second and then resurfaces, it happens again. So quickly this is¬†all happening,¬†and my heart is racing.¬†Am I the only person seeing this? What the heck should I do? I can’t swim, or at least I don’t remember the last¬†time I’ve actually tried. I remember taking classes as a¬†youth. Ahh, nevermind any of that, what¬†is going on right now? This is a joke. I’m sure of it! This isn’t even real. She’s going to resurface again, although this time she will not disappear. She’ll swim to shore, and laugh from the depths of her soul from this sick & unbelievable joke…

I once read on another blogger’s ( page that I follow, say¬†that she wrote so well when she was in a “rut”. When she was happy, it was harder for her to get accurate feelings out because of the euphoria that her body felt. I kind of agreed, but not really. I thought to myself, I can always write. I may not always be able to share, but I can definitely write.¬†Reminds me of my¬†real life at times. I can always express myself in my day to day with what I’m wearing. There, is where I feel like I can be anybody in the ENTIRE world through my clothing. However, when it comes to saying what I feel needs to be said at times to certain individuals, I hold back. I drown…

Yes, it’s clear that I’ve been away for some time, did a lot of cool things whilst I was away too! Went to Florida, had a¬†fairly decent¬†time I must say. Hershey, Pennsylvania¬†ran through that Amusement Park with my family like I would never see that place again. Had the pleasure of hosting my BEST teenage niece (well actually my only¬†niece), for a month at¬†our house this summer before she had to go back to school down South. Attended some WONDERFUL art shows. And also got to see a Janelle Monae, and her Wondaland Records artists perform a concert for absolutely free!

It’s been AWESOME!! I¬†mean by no means should I feel suffocated, right?

This is where it gets complicated. If you’ve been following me for some time (THANK YOU), you know that my family is my EVERYTHING! So much so, that I’ve been feeling perplexed. ‘Cause there is also this passion inside of me¬†that I have for LifeStyling, Helping, Mingling, Meeting Entrepreneurial People, and Seeing¬†New Places,¬†that makes me feel good. *Takes a deep breath & exhales softly* Really good!¬†It’s like every time I rise in the morning, that day is the day for a new opportunity, and it drives me to execute a master plan to make¬†my families¬†lives much better than what I had to endure growing up. So, on one hand I have my family that constantly needs me. And I go hard for them, without a doubt! How can I “abandon” them? Now on the other hand I¬†have my goals, dreams, skills, talents, and gifts. I should be able to share those, no? I’d go just as HAM on accomplishing all of them, as I would for my family. This¬†is for all of us, right? Or is¬†it¬†for my own happiness?¬†If only I didn’t have this¬†feeling, this feeling¬†that in some way I’d be doing them a disservice by going for mine. What am I doing to myself if I keep on the route that I’m currently on?

Occassionally, I feel like there somehow is water in my lungs, taking small breaths from me. As I¬†gasp for air¬†these out of body experiences are keeping me alive, or getting a kick out of how I’ll react. Is this going to work? Can I make any of “it” happen? Will I lose my mind in the process? Or does this quest that I’m on continue to give me the intense feeling of drowning? Maybe I return to the shore fine and well, with a big smile on my face in the end.

I pray that it’s the latter, looking and living The Lifestyle of the Fashionably Frugal.

As always, I thank you for reading and hope that you enjoyed!